What Is Sump Pump Plumbing?

What Is Sump Pump Plumbing?

Sump pump plumbing involves enhancing a building’s drainage system with the installation and use of a sump pump. It is especially crucial in areas prone to flooding and water disasters. Proper installation and maintenance of this system require skilled plumbers who understand its intricacies.

Several procedures are involved in sump pump installation and usage as will be discussed here in this article. These procedures should be meticulously followed to get the best out of this pumping machine. So, read on to stay informed about the installation of this pumping equipment.

Plumbing for Sump Pumps Explained


This pumping machine is mostly used in buildings situated in flood-prone areas. As a result, you should invest in one especially if you live in such places. The processes involved in its installation and use are as follows:

Sump Basin/Pit Installation

The pumping machine will have to be situated in a pit dug in the building. This pit is usually situated in the building’s basement; given that it is the lowest part of the house. The position of the pit/basin is very important.

It is best if it is situated in the lowest portion of the house, rather than an elevated part of the basement. Proper situating of the pit will eliminate the chances of water accumulating in other parts of the basement even after draining water with this pumping machine.

Furthermore, there are certain things expected of this pit. For one, it needs a lid firm enough to keep debris out. This is to avoid things that can affect the smooth operation of the sump pump situated in the pit.

Selection of Sump Pump

The right one needs to be selected to enhance the building’s drainage system. Firstly, a machine with the right pumping capacity has to be chosen. By the way, the capacity is usually measured by the amount of gallons that can be pumped per minute or hour. The draining needs of the building should be the major deciding factor when selecting a slum pump.

Besides this, a choice between the two major kinds of this pumping machine has to be made – Submersible or Pedestal. As the name suggests, the submersible option will work fully submerged. One of the advantages that this option has over the other is its noiseless feature. This is a reason it is considered well-suited for living spaces.

The pedestal option on the other hand does not work submerged. It is noisier than the submersible option as pointed out early on. However, its positioning makes it easier to maintain and repair; which is one of the advantages it has over the submersible option.

Installation of Check Valve

This pumping machine should ideally be positioned in the lowered part of the building to properly enhance the building’s drainage system. This also implies that it would be expelling water to spots higher than its positioning. This is at least how the position of the connected pipe would look.

As a result, there is a need for an installation that prevents water from flowing back to the basin when this pumping machine is not working. This is where the check valve comes in. You can read this study to further understand the science behind how check valves function.

Placement of Discharge Pipe

Of course, the water pumped out of the pit needs to be pumped through a pipe connected to this machine. That would be the discharge pipe.

The discharge pipe needs to be long enough to move the pumped water to a drainage area. This could be a storm drain. It could also be a spot not too far away from the building. However, such spots should be such that they do not adversely affect the landscape or building’s foundation.

Vent Hole

It is highly recommended that a vent hole is strategically created in this discharge pipe. The right hole size needs to be drilled and not anything bigger. The essence of this drilled hole is to allow the escape of trapped air. For starters, this will cause a smooth flow of water. Other reasons for the vent hole include the following:

To Prevent Short Cycling

Airlocks can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to expel water with this machine. This can cause the machine to rapidly switch on and switch off. A damaged motor could be one of the long-term adverse effects.

To Prevent Pump Damage

The pump’s motor can be damaged by continuous short cycling as mentioned above. Additionally, other components of the pumping machine can be adversely affected as well.

Backup System Installation

For the record, not every sump pump has a backup system. So, this may not be considered a necessary part of the installation procedure. However, it is strongly recommended, especially considering how power outages can happen during flooding.

Installation of Water Sensors & Alarms

This is equally not considered a necessity but is strongly recommended. These sensors and alarms can help you know when the machine is not working as efficiently as it should, or when water levels are excessive.

What Do Sump Pump Plumbers Do?

Sump pump plumbers handle all things sump pumps. Some of the ways their services come in very handy include in the following ways:


The installation of the – pumping machine, pit, check valve, and other aspects of the entire installation process have to be carried out by a professional plumber. Sump pump plumbers are the right professional for the job.

Maintenance Services

Sump pumps have to be periodically maintained to deliver effectively. These plumbers can carry out maintenance services on this pumping machine. Replacement of worn-out components and cleaning the pumping machine, pipes, and pit are some of the common maintenance procedures carried out by these plumbers.


These plumbers can diagnose and carry out repairs when sump pumps malfunction. These may be repairs involving:

  • Faulty components that need to be replaced or fixed
  • Electrical problems
  • Problems with the pumping machine’s motor

It may also be emergency repair services. These plumbing professionals are expected to quickly show up and fix the problem.


The professional advice of a sump pump plumber can be sought on the right place to dig the sump basin, the right choice of a sump pump, and waterproofing. You can visit https://www.sugarbearplumbing.com/ for more on the consultation services of these plumbers.


The use of sump pumps enhances the drainage system of buildings susceptible to flooding and water damage. Given the importance of this pumping machine for such buildings, it has to be installed properly. The installation procedures have to be carried out by professionals (sump pump plumbers) as equally discussed here.