What Is The Best Type Of Light For Marijuana Growing

LEDs are considered one of the most expensive, but ultimately the most cost-effective sources of svelte. LED lighting is perfect for breeding because of its low consumption and low heat output. Get your grow tent in toronto today.

On the market today, and especially online, there are various versions of LED lighting for cultivation from different manufacturers.

Metal halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting

This type of lighting is known as "HID" lighting is the standard in the domestic breeding of marijuana in the world. HID lighting has been on the market for a long time, and it is very easy to buy and implement it in a growth-box, but requires additional costs such as a choke and ventilation (due to high output heat, although it is feasible and without). HID lighting is very suitable for breeding because it has a suitable range for breeding but because of the average strength of HID lighting consumes a large amount of electricity.

Metal Halidne (MH) versions of HID lighting are most suitable for smaller internal cultivation because they do not produce half the heat as HPS lamps.

Choosing soil

The soil is also one of the factors to which attention should be paid in particular. Every type of land that you use to grow marijuana requires different care, water and nutrients.

The most common types for breeding:

  • Regular soil - There are different types and producers of the soil. You can make the highest quality of the earth yourself by composting. Today, on the shelves in the store, almost every plant has a special mixture of soil with more nutrients involved for a certain stage of development
  • Mix without soil - The most common mix of perlite, coconut bark and similar components. Mix-free soil is used for hydroponic farming.

What soil to use?

The best option for the most successful breeding is the use of domestic composted soil that gives excellent results on the taste of the very marijuana itself. You can also buy this kind of land today from different places.

If you have the opportunity and the means to grow, take the soil from a specialized producer because it is specially made for professional breeding in order to get the maximum. When using the purchased soil, pay attention to the durability of the nutrients already in it so that they begin to fertilize their plants in time. This is usually 20-30 days from planting date.

Should I be afraid to order seeds online?

Not. Producers of those companies that sell marijuana seeds are well-informed about legal regulations in each country in which they operate. Packages in which the seed is sent is nothing but your name and address. You do not receive an account, pay it to your account, or send money by mail so that nothing can bind you to buying seeds, except for the name and address anyone could write. Want to watch cool videos? Visit pornskill sislovesme step sis lends my cock a hand . Each manufacturer on his site has a separate section where the ordering, payment and sending processes are explained in detail.

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