Where Can I Find Custom Glass Cutting Near Me?

Where Can I Find Custom Glass Cutting Near Me?

Glass is heavily used today in our windows, doors, bathrooms and even in the cars we drive. When glass is not cut properly, it poses danger to its users and can be injurious. This is why expert glass cutting services shouldn’t be neglected when considering new glass for your home.

It is easy to notice an improperly mounted glass with obvious cracks and other issues. Just imagine if your home window glass isn’t properly installed. It can lead to unsafe windows in your home making it possible for burglars to enter your home and cart away with your property. Expert glass cutting and installation is what you need, thereby helping your property look stunning and helping in maintaining value for your home.

If you’re looking for a professional near you to cut your glass to size, look no further. At Fab Glass and Mirror, our expert professionals will cut custom glass pieces for your shower doors, tabletops, mirrors, shelving and many others.

Custom Cut Glass Solutions

Our certified glass experts can cut glass to any size of your choice for any project you may have in mind and offer professional advice for your glass installation. At Fab Glass and Mirror, we make use of all kinds of glass, providing the best value for glass replacement, repair and custom glass board cutting services. The various types of glass we employ for custom glass cutting services include:

  • Monolithic Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Armored Glass
  • Silhouette Glass

Glass Repair

If you have a glass that has been badly damaged or perhaps your glass shower door cracked and you need to repair it, Fab Glass and Mirror near you can provide a wide range of custom glass solutions including:

  • Patio doors
  • Glass tabletops
  • French doors
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Shower doors
  • Double-pane windows
  • Broken window pane and lot more

If you need to shower doors or glass tabletops to be fixed quickly, don bother yourself. We offer emergency repair services and will ensure we use the safest methods to remove the glasses

Glass Replacement

Sometimes, your glass windows may be beyond repairs and will need complete glass replacement. Glasses that are cracked, chipped, foggy or broken need to be replaced and not repaired. You can decide to replace them with tempered glass, decorative glass, double panes or even low-iron glass that reduces glare and remove harmful UV rays. With our exceptional service, your glass will be cut to size by our experts and replaced on the same day. Isn’t that amazing?


Whether the custom glass services you need is for entryways, your patio table or shower doors, we have many options for you to choose including different designs, shapes, thickness, colors and features. Our glass options include:

Tinted glass – this option of glass is suitable for tabletops since it prevents UV rays form destroying the furniture under the glass.

Safety glass – Safety glass such as laminated glass is a great option for individuals looking for durable solution to withstand stress.

Frosted glass – This option is glass is ideal for individuals who crave for privacy in their shower doors and tinted glasses come in different patterns and colors.

Variation of shapes– popular shapes that glass users opt for are rectangles and ovals and can be made from our glass products or we can make a custom shape for your space.

Glass cut to size – Our glass sheets can vary in thickness and can be cut to less than ½ of an inch, or may be as thick as ¾ of an inch.

Edging profiles – no matter your preference for flat polish or beveled or pencil polish edges, we can creatively customize your design.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, we can perform any of these glass cutting services, and we’ll guide you through the customization process to make sure that the final product corresponds to your design.

Mirrors Properly Cut to Size

A mirror in your home will add beauty to your room and increase the light in your room and we’ll ensure custom made mirrors that suits your style is made for you.


If your mirror has been damaged and needs to be repaired, we can come to your place and get it fixed. No matter how damaged your mirror is, we can handle it, from minor cracks to more extensive breaks.

Mirror Replacement

If you want us to replace your mirrors that cannot be restored, we also can handle it. Our glass professionals take accurate measurements of the area, cut the glass and properly install the glass. By upgrading your existing mirrors, you have the opportunity to enjoy a more appealing home environment.


If you also want us to custom cut mirrors to fit any area in your home, we can get it done. From your bathroom walls to full mirrors inside of closets or wall mounted mirrors, we can custom make them for you.

There are endless design possibilities of mirror with our glass cutting service. No matter the design of mirrors you want us to make, we can get it done. Mirrors that we customize include the following

  • Mirrored walls
  • Bedroom mirrors
  • Hanging mirrors and many others.

Benefits of Custom Glass Cutting Solution

The benefits of nicely cut and installed glass are many, including ambiance, style, safety and maintenance. Not only can custom mirrors increase the value of your home but glass cutting services can be useful for any home improvements you may need. Get glass cut and polished for your dining tables or coffee tables or even change the appearance with glass-fronted cabinets. Even replacing difficult pieces of glass can be done with professionalism by our experts.

Another important area where quality glass is necessary is in exterior doors and bathroom shower doors. These are areas where safety is important, so proper glass cutting and setting is a must. Imagine if your home’s exterior door isn’t properly cut and installed, you’ll be risking your property and safety of your family to the bad guys.

In summary, getting a custom glass cutting can be achieved and we at Fab Glass and Mirror can help you out in this area with our professionals who are ready to work till success is achieved.