10 Modern Wall Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up your Living Room

10 Modern Wall Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up your Living Room

Lighting has the ability to give your home an appealing touch and uplift the ambiance. The living room is where you spend much of your time with the rest of your family, so you need to select lighting carefully. Wall light fixtures are the best source for ambient light, whether you have a smaller or bigger living room. Additionally, wall sconces also make your space feel cozy with accent lighting.

You have several other options to brighten up your living room. Aside from illuminating the space, decorative wall lighting can act as standalone wall art.

Here are the best modern ideas to add an aesthetic appeal to your living room.

1. Plaster Wall Lights

These lights modern wall lights come with uplight and downlight. They are the top picks to create an atmospheric background using warm lighting. Besides, you can complement them with ceiling lights in your living room.

They consist of super smooth and blemish-free textures, and you can blend them with different colors. Moreover, it offers various styles like plaster, half-moon plaster, box plaster, decorative plaster, etc.

1. Aesthetic Downlights

Downlight fixtures are also known as recessed lighting. Once you install them, it looks as if you’ve done so in a hollow space in the ceiling. Additionally, these lights add a soft glare and light up the walls where you place them. Speaking of which, they make a great addition to corners and entryways.

You can use these lights to increase the visibility of any particular place. Moreover, you can use wall and table lighting in combination to provide more coverage, especially in your small living room.

2. LED flush Mount Ceiling Fixture

Another modern form of lighting is a LED flush mount ceiling fixture, which is an overhead lighting fixture. It attaches to the ceiling and provides a soft, diffused glow that fills your room with incredible ambiance.

The fixture adds both visibility and a warm atmosphere by illuminating the space. This type of lighting has no gap between the ceiling and fixture. It provides a soft, warm glow that’s great as ambient lighting.

3. Accent Lights

How about accent lighting for your living room? Adding these lights will create a visually appealing touch for your home’s interior design. They are the best pick to highlight the texture of a brick or stone wall.

You can place a light behind or below the accent wall to add a glamorous halo effect. It emphasizes lighting up specific parts of your wall, such as those featuring a mural or wall art. Some common types include recessed lights, track lighting, floodlights, and torchiere lamps.

4. Modern Wall Lights with Glass Shades

The most modern form of wall lighting includes glass material. Stylish yet simple wall lights offer iconic designs with glass shades. Additionally, they comprise antique brass and gold finish decorative wall lights. They provide an illuminating touch with the glare of fabulous glass shades. You can select styles as per your living room wall color and other environmental factors.

If you want to add a splash of décor to your living room, these light fixtures offer a unique design. You can also get them in the shape of flexible steel strips in different forms. This way, your wall lighting will give off a playful effect.

5. Modern Wall Lights with Fabric Shades

Here is another idea for wall lighting. Wall lights also come with fabric shades that provide a soft, diffused light to give your home a relaxing aesthetic. Most of these lights illuminate walls at completely 360°, lighting up the surrounding area as well.

Living room wall lights offer impressive decorative functions. Some trendy designs include patterns or geometric shapes. You can place large and small-sized wall lights as per the spaces they fit best.

6. Wall Sconce 

Another fashionable type of lighting that can create a landscape in your living room is a wall sconce. With strategic placement, these decorative wall lights can add an appealing touch and glare. Wall sconces also come in a cubic shape that spreads light upwards and downwards too.

You can place wall lights over seating arrangements to provide task lighting as well. They also come in different shapes, styles, and materials. Wall sconces also look great around seating arrangements or as standalone light sources in corners.

7. Vanity Wall Lights

Vanity wall lights are the most popular choice because these lighting fixtures illuminate the face and head. They come with vertical fixtures or sconces attached to the side of the mirror, reflecting on the face directly. You can install light fixtures above or along the sides of a mirror. Remember to opt for warm colors as they are more flattering than cool colors. They even look similar to incandescent lights.

Adding vanity wall lights will allow your home interior design, lighting, color, and overall décor to reflect your personality.


8. Switched Wall Lights

These lights bring a variety of light fixtures that you can choose, including pull cords, rocker switches, and toggles. You can install them on wall wiring. You can operate switched wall lights separately from other lights with a switch on the fitment, called an integrated switch. All of them combine to provide low lighting for a relaxed ambiance.

9. Ornate Wall Lights with Crystals

These lighting fixtures are another popular type, including petals, scrolls, beading, and other decorative features. They are fantastic lighting schemes for walls and ceilings. They can go especially well in the living room in different modern styles.

Bottom Line

Wall lighting comes in various styles, designs, and sizes. You can pick the best one that complements other elements of your living room like walls, paint, furniture color, decorative items, etc. at Eyely. Wall lights add an appealing touch with different layers of lighting, crafting a soft and warm feel.