4 Concepts For A Summer Conservatory

4 Concepts For A Summer Conservatory

When it comes to the season of summer, we love nothing more than to take advantage of some beautiful sunny weather. Sometimes, however, the heat of the outdoors can be too much and we just want to relax in the comfort of our own homes. A conservatory is the perfect way to do this as you can take advantage of the blend of both the outdoors and indoors. If you have a conservatory, you may be wondering how you can update its style in time for summer. Keep reading for our top tips:

Update Your Furniture

When thinking about how to make your conservatory enjoyable for summer living, it is important that you have the right furniture. It might be a good idea to add some new pieces to your collection to make the space more versatile. For example, set up a comfy sofa and armchair so that there is plenty of space for the whole family and center this around a coffee table so that the room can still be used to enjoy lunch, play games or relax with a good book. Price Busters – discount furniture has some great options for furniture pieces that you can use all summer long and has something to suit every budget.

Add Fresh Plants

A lovely way to bring a piece of the outdoors into your conservatory is to adorn it with fresh plants and flowers. This a simple and affordable way to make your conservatory feel fit for summer and it will also leave it smelling divine. Opt for tall, slim plants to fill empty corners and smaller potted plants or flowers on tables and around chairs. This will mean that if you can’t get outside (if it’s too hot or raining), you can still feel like you are surrounded by nature. You could even go for faux flowers and plants if you are not very green-fingered.

Think About Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of any conservatory concept and you need to get it right to be able to enjoy your space all summer long. During the summer months, it can sometimes feel too warm and exposing to be able to enjoy your conservatory, so think about installing blinds or putting up curtains to be able to control this. It may also give you a bit of privacy if you live in a more built-up neighborhood. Being able to draw the blinds will also control the temperature of the conservatory somewhat and make it more comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

Add A Splash Of Color

Finally, adding a splash of color is the perfect way to make your conservatory summer ready. As you can’t add color by painting the walls, a nice way to get around this is by painting chairs or tables. You could tie this in with new cushion covers with some eye-catching patterns and tones and again match these with your curtains or blinds. This way your conservatory will have a strong personality, with a sense of fun and vibrancy  which will make it the best room in the house.