4 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Deck Stained

Deck Stained

For many homeowners, a deck or patio defines their outdoor area. Not only is it a social area for things like BBQs and outdoor festivities, but it is a critical component of the exterior aesthetics of your property. This makes taking care of it and keeping it in good shape very important.

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining this area is staining. This not only protects it from the various elements but also revitalizes its appearance. To this end, many people search online for terms like “deck staining near me” or “local deck staining professionals”. But how can you tell when it’s time to get your deck stained? Here are 4 things to look for:

The color has faded

As time goes by, UV rays from the sun take a toll on your deck’s color and luster. If the once vibrant hues have begun to fade, it’s a clear indicator that the protective stain coating is wearing off.

This likely means the wood is more vulnerable to moisture, leading to cracking, warping, and rot. Having it stained not only enhances the visual appearance of the deck but also reestablishes its resistance to weather and other environmental factors.

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It’s absorbing more water

One simple test can determine whether or not your deck is absorbing water. Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the surface of the wood. If it beads up and doesn’t soak in, the stains’ protective features are still active.

However, if the deck quickly absorbs the water, this indicates the stain, along with the wood’s natural oils, has eroded. This leaves it prone to mildew and mold, which leads to decay. This is one of the most reliable signs that it’s time to look for “deck staining near me”.

Visible splinters and cracks

As the seasons change from year to year, your deck undergoes numerous expansions and contractions as a result of temperature fluctuations. This can create cracks and splinters, along with numerous other surface blemishes. This not only compromises the visual appeal of the deck but also causes entry points for moisture to open up.

Water doesn’t bead up during rainstorms

Just as with the droplet test mentioned in the second tip, you can observe how your deck performs after it rains. If the water doesn’t bead up but rather soaks into the wood, this is a strong indicator that the stain has worn thin.

This means the wood is more porous and susceptible to moisture-related issues. Having a professional apply a fresh stain coat will aid in resealing the wood, deterring water absorption and the problems associated with it.

Are you looking for the best deck staining near me?

If you are, the best way to find it is by comparing the track record and customer testimonials of quality wood-staining service providers. If your deck needs attention, don’t just call the first technician that pops up in an online search. Take the time to make sure they will care for your property just as they would their own.