4 Tips For Maintaining Your Carpet

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Carpet

Carpets create the image you want in your home. With the hundreds of cuts, colors, and patterns, contribute to the overall look of a space. Unfortunately, even with your best efforts, spills, stains, grime, dust, dirt, and other messy incidents are unavoidable, not to forget foot traffic. When it comes to suffering and accidents, carpets will always be the first victim.

Keeping your carpets in shape demands proper cleaning and maintenance. If you are wondering how to keep them looking new and fresh, you have come to the right place! We’ll share the basic tips required to extend the life of your carpets like an expert. But just before then, visit https://www.toponlinecasinos.co.za/online-slots/ to get a lift.

1. Steam Cleaning

This is an effective method to keep your carpet in top-notch condition. It uses a mixture of chemicals with hot water to clean beyond the surface of the carpet. The high temperature of the water and pressure eliminate bacteria and toxins. It removes trapped pollutants, clears out dust mite infestations, and prevents mould growth. If you use a steam cleaner on your carpet, you should expect nearly pristine results. It should be done once every six months. When carried out more frequently, it causes damage to the carpet.

2. Install Curtains or Blinds

Although sunlight improves well-being, it has the opposite effect on your carpet. An excess of exposure to the sun causes your carpet to fade, deteriorate and age prematurely. Installing window blinds and curtains can decrease the harmful effect of natural light on your carpet. As long as the blinds and curtains are closed, they keep out UV light. This maintains the quality and color of your carpet.

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning - Shiny  Carpet Cleaning

3. Know the Facts about Your Carpet

Carpets fall into four main categories based on the fibre material: polyester, nylon, wool, and olefin. You get a better understanding of how to maintain your carpet when you know the fibre you are dealing with. Carpets made of nylon fibres are the easiest to clean. They respond very well to steam cleaning. Wool carpets, on the other hand, should be vacuumed regularly and thoroughly to retain their original appearance. Polyester fibres are extremely soft. They are only great for areas with low to medium foot traffic. Compared to the other fibre types, olefin is much more stain-resistant.

4. Use Carpet Protectants

Carpet Protectants are placed over the carpet and help to prevent spillage and soiling. This is the best trick to ensure the longevity of your carpet. These clear, barely-noticeable protective films basically serve as a guard for your carpet. Dirt cannot make its way deep into the carpet fibres. They provide a non-permanent shield,  making your carpets as fresh as the daytime purchased them.


With a great carpet, comes great responsibility. It may seem like a laborious task, but it is essentially like a look at online casinos. To get the most use out of your carpet, you have to take good care of it.