4 Ways To Know Your Home May Have Serious Water Damage

Water Damage

Homeownership comes with a lot of maintenance for both old and new homes. Keeping up with what seems like an ever present list of problems can be tiring, but catching the little things before they become big problems is your best course of action.

One such problem that can quickly spiral out of control is water damage in your home.

There are typically tell tale signs if you know what you are looking for when it comes to water damage. Today we are going to take a look at 4 ways to know your home may have serious water damage.

The Nose Knows

Having mold in your home is a smelly situation. Mold is often described as smelling “musty” or “earthy”. Depending on the type of the mold it can cause your sinuses to burn like you are getting a cold, or irritate your eyes and throat. In any case, if you smell mold you have a water problem, and you will need to quickly locate the source.

Damp Floors

Damp floors are a sure sign that there is a water problem coming from somewhere in your house. The easy way to look for damp spots on the floor is to take off your shoes. Moisture accumulating on flooring, or “sweating”, is a sign of a leak. Going barefoot allows you to surface check for wet areas on the floor especially on soggy carpets or rugs.

Look Up

Your ceiling can supply important clues if you just look up. If you see stains or discoloration on your ceilings there is a probable leak. For houses that have air handlers in the attic, the cooling system can overflow the drip pan, or malfunctioning equipment can dump water into your ceiling, and can even lead to collapse. If your equipment is running fine, check out your roof for leaks or damaged shingles.

A Trickling Sound

If you are home and no one is running water, but you keep hearing a trickling sound, it is possible that there is a leak inside the walls of your home. A slow trickle of water over a short period of time can do serious damage in the form of mold and mildew not yet visible to the naked eye. Sudden shadows that appear on damp walls are signs of water damage inside the wall itself.

Act Fast

A water leak no matter where the source in your home is never a good thing. Act fast, because even a small leak can turn into a major problem in the form of collapsing ceilings, unsightly water stains, and mold that can actually be dangerous to your respiratory system and overall health. By acting fast at the first signs of water damage you can potentially avoid some very costly repairs along with significant health issues. If you suspect that you have a water leak in your residence consider consulting a professional in your area for help.