5 Easy Ways To Unclog A Drain

Most small obstructions can be removed with a little elbow grease and the right tools. Here are some tips shared by Pineau Plombier to help you unclog blocked pipes yourself.

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  1. An iron hanger

Try your luck if you have a hanger handy. This method works very well in clogged bathtub, sink and washbasin drains:

Remove the drain grate if there is one;

Unroll the hanger, straighten it up and make a hook at the end;

Use the hook to remove hair and other objects that clog the drain;

Be careful not to accidentally push the plug further into the drain;

If you only have fancy hangers, try a hook to hook or make a wire hook with straightened metal clips.

  1. A homemade drain unblocker

To manufacture your own unblocker, proceed as follows:

In a large container, mix 85 ml (1/3 cup) baking soda with 85 ml (1/3 cup) vinegar;

Immediately pour the liquid into the drain. Do this quickly because the solution sparkles as soon as you mix the vinegar and baking soda. This solution should dislodge the cap;

Pour hot water into the drain when the solution no longer sparkles. You can simply turn on the hot water tap, but it will take a few moments for the water to get hot enough. Otherwise, prepare a bucket of hot (not boiling) water to be poured immediately after the sparkling solution.

  1. A snake in the drain

You may have to shop if neither of these methods dislodges the cap.

Hardware stores often sell manual and electric plumbing snakes that penetrate deep into the drain and dislodge the plug.

These inexpensive instruments are very practical in an emergency.

  1. An over-the-counter drain opener

It is not recommended to use these products when the cap is in the toilet bowl. Chemicals can damage porcelain and even blow up pipes. The problem may then get worse.

These pipe unclogging products can be very damaging in plastic pipes.

Over time, and if used too often, they can even eat into metal pipes.

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It is time to call a professional plumber when the above methods do not work or when the situation worsens.

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