5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

Nothing can give you peace of mind more than knowing that your home is well-safeguarded and secure. While thousands of burglary cases are reported in the U.S. each year, many incidents are preventable with simple measures. Let’s look at the six simple ways to secure your home.

Check the Windows

Windows are a common entry point for outward elements and criminals. Inspect your window locks to confirm if anyone can open them from outside. You can try to force them open while inside to see if the locks still hold. Replace all faulty locks with new ones.

Check the window glasses for cracks. Repairing a cracked window will improve your home’s safety to some extent while boosting indoor air quality. Other top ways to make windows burglar-proof include:

  • Installing glass break sensors or window sensors
  • Using window security film to reinforce the glass
  • Adding window bars
  • Planting prickly bushes beneath ground-floor windows

Light Up the Exterior Space

Use ample outdoor lighting to keep burglars, vandals, and other criminals at bay.  Light up both the front and back yard as well as near the garage door, along pathways, and other outdoor structures. Motion-activated lights are effective deterrents as they sense human movement and automatically turn on. You can as well use a smart outlet to set your outdoor lights on a timer or establish schedules using smart light bulbs.  If you want to save energy, consider investing in solar-powered lights.

Secure the Doors

Examine all your exterior doors, especially the front door, to ensure that the frames and hinges are intact and robust.             If you are moving to a previously occupied home, replace all the door locks with new quality ones. This will help ensure that no stranger has a key to your house.

Consider installing a deadbolt lock on your door if it’s not there. Be sure to upgrade to smart locks and use a video doorbell to boost security. In addition, burglar-proof your mail slot. If you have a sliding glass door, add a glass break sensor to it to receive alerts when someone tries to tamper with the glass door.

Establish a Security System

Your home security system can be a simple DIY system or a more complex one with home automation features and professional monitoring. Fortunately, you can always find home security options to suit every level of protection and budget. Conduct a home safety evaluation before choosing a security system to know what precisely you need to protect your home.

A few factors to consider when choosing your home security system include smart home capabilities, monthly and upfront costs, and professional installation vs. DIY installation, among others.

Invest in Home Security Cameras

No criminal wants to be captured on camera while committing a crime. This makes home CCTV cameras a worthwhile investment. Security cameras can be part of your home security system or work independently.

Whichever way, it is best to choose from those security cameras with mobile apps. Such a security camera lets you view and store footage in real time. The newest smart CCTV systems even allow you to connect them to the internet to use advanced features, such as cloud-based recording and storage and remote monitoring.

While these tips will help significantly boost your home safety and security, you must also change your daily living practices. Remember to lock your windows and doors while away and at night. Carefully handle and store your spare keys and change the code for your alarm system once a year. Consider erecting an electric perimeter wall and keeping your garage door closed at all times.