5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Chainsaw

A chainsaw is an indispensable woodworking tool that helps you to do a considerable amount of woodworking without any issues. However, you must employ some safety tips when using a chainsaw.

You’ll get hundreds of warning tips online on how to operate a chainsaw safely, but this article will tell you how to protect your most important power tool, a chainsaw from any wear and damage. Buy power tools online and get your job done easily.

Never cut with the improper blade tension

A chainsaw with a loose can is unsafe to use while making cuts. Also, a tight chain can also wear out the drive sprocket and can break the chainsaw. Thus, the chain of your chainsaw should be properly adjusted so that it doesn’t break the chainsaw and don’t harm the person using it.

To check if the chain is properly tensioned or not, pull up on the chain. The drive links in the chainsaw should in the bar groove. If the links are coming out of the bar, it means the chain is loosely adjusted.

Don’t fill your chainsaw when it is hot


Don’t ever think to refuel your chainsaw when it is too hot as it can seriously harm you. Wait until it cools down and then refuels its tank.

When you pour fuel into the tank, the heat from the hot engine of chainsaw get vaporizes. And if the vapor ignites, it can cause a fire. So, if you want a long life of your chainsaw, wait for some time to cool it down and then fill its tank.

Don’t leave the tank of the chainsaw with the old gas

Many chainsaw manufacturers recommend emptying a chainsaw tank having an old gas and run a carburetor dry before storing the chainsaw.

By emptying the tank, you can help prevent the corrosion and gum formation in the passage of the carburetor, and thus increase the life of carburetor diaphragm. So, before putting the chainsaw away, pour out the old gas in a container, and dry out the carburetor.

Don’t use a dirty air filter to run your chainsaw


When working with a chainsaw, a lot of dust collects in the saw, and the air filter in it prevents this dust to enter the combustion chamber.

But, if you don’t change this air filters time-to-time, then the engine will suck up some of the dust which when enter into the combustion chamber causes excessive damage to the chainsaw.

Don’t make cuts with a dull blade

A sharp blade extends the life of a chainsaw while a dull blade damages the chainsaw as well as the object you are working on. It is because; a sharp blade makes clean cuts and pulls itself into the wood, while a dull blade requires a lot of downward pressure to make cuts which can wear out the bar, clutch, drive links, and clutch sprocket.


Working with chainsaws can be a dangerous task if you don’t follow these tips. Prior knowledge of some basic don’ts for using a chainsaw can help you working with the chainsaw easier and faster.

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