5 Tips for Making Home Improvements in a Rental Apartment

5 Tips for Making Home Improvements in a Rental Apartment

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When you’re a renter, few things can be as disappointing as noticing all the little flaws after you move into a new place. Maybe it’s that the place doesn’t get as much natural light as the photos promised or that your furniture doesn’t fit the floor plan the way you’d hoped.

Given the cost of moving apartments and the premium rent increases that come between tenants, you’re much better off staying put, but you don’t have to put up with it. These tips can help you make some home improvements in your rental unit.

#1 Check Your Lease Before You Change Anything

Before you change anything permanently, make sure you check your lease and talk to your landlord. When you don’t own the structure of the building, the landlord likely has the final say in whether or not you can change something to do with the structure of the unit, like the walls, faucets, or fixtures.

Knowing that you plan on making changes in advance can also help your initial apartment search. You don’t need to find the perfect apartment if you’re willing to make changes yourself. If you’re wondering: why aren’t there more apartments for rent near me that fit my vision, start asking about home improvements.

#2 Paint the Apartment Yourself

Are you sick of living in apartments that have been painted in what’s being derisively called “landlord off-white”? Landlord off-white paint is actually a semi-gloss off-white that serves two functions. First, it saves the landlord time when they clean up between tenants because it can be applied quickly and refresh the walls between tenants. Second, it also hides dirt better than many other paint colors. In addition to those benefits, it’s relatively low-cost.

For all of those benefits, that doesn’t mean it’s the right color for your living space. If you have the permission you need to paint your walls, there are several directions you can take. Warmer colors like yellow and red can be stimulating, while cooler colors like blues and greens can have a calming effect on your space.

#3 Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

A dark apartment can bring down your mood and make you wish you’d never signed that lease to begin with. Upgrading your light fixtures can go a long way toward making your place feel brighter and more like home.

If you’re changing fixtures, such as adding a chandelier that will add more illumination to your home, keep the old fixtures for when you move out.

#4 Focus on Furnishings

Not all landlords are keen to let you make permanent changes, and you’ll largely have to respect that depending on where you live. One way to adapt is to focus on your furniture and how you can improve your quality of life with upgrades. One option you may want to explore is temporary closet systems that will give you more storage space.

#5 Breathe in Life with Houseplants

Bringing some life into your home in the form of lush houseplants will make a huge difference. The air will feel cleaner, and your space will feel more lively once you introduce some thriving greenery.

If you’re worried about a lack of sunlight or your own lack of a green thumb, consider getting a grow light to help them along.

There’s plenty you can do to feel more at home in your apartment.