5 Warning Signs of a Busted Heat Pump

5 Warning Signs of a Busted Heat Pump

Heat pumps are standard in areas that experience a mild winter as they significantly cut down on heating costs. Generally, heat pumps operate quietly, and therefore, any malfunction that is not indicated by extraordinary noise may not be easily visible.

Your heating pump will give certain red flags when broken. They include:

1) Noisy Heat Pump

Any noise different from the ordinary is a red flag! Noises to look out for are rattling, grinding, humming, buzzing, squealing, and any other that you find unusual. The noises indicate something is not right with the heat pump’s system; for instance, it could be a pointer that the belt is broken or a loose part in a bent blower blade. Turn off the pump immediately if you notice any unusual noise and call Heat Pump Repair Columbus, Ohio.

2) A Heat Pump Is Continually Tripping the Circuit Breaker

Does your heat pump trip repeatedly? Don’t be quick to turn it on; instead, have a professional come and look at it to diagnose the problem. Your continued failure to address the underlying cause of the tripping could further damage the heat pump. Therefore, if you notice any sign that something is off, call a professional to inspect, diagnose and repair your heat pump.

3) Rising Utility Bills

Research indicates that most unprecedented equipment malfunctions and emergency repair calls are due to poor maintenance. You, therefore, want to ensure that your pump undergoes regular maintenance checks to avoid inflated power bills from a poorly performing heat pump.

4) Poor Air Circulation and Issues with Indoor Air Quality

You want to pay attention to the filter at least once a month and replace it if it is dirty. Your heat pump’s air filter can become dirty and clogged, resulting in a myriad of problems such as reduced airflow from vents and general poor air quality in your home.

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5) The Heat Pump Continually Cycles On and Off

Constant on and off cycling or short cycling indicates that something is off with your heat pump. Short cycling can overheat the heat pump, whether a clogged filter, a poorly calibrated thermostat, or a faulty blower. Ensure you set the indoor temperature in line with the thermostat to avoid overheating.

6) Your Heat Pump Ices Up During Winter

It is not strange to spot a light coat of ice on the surface of your heat pump during winter. The pump’s mechanism of defrosting will eventually melt the ice away. During extreme winter, however, large chunks of ice can form on the pump, and your pump will shut down- this should not be a cause for concern as this is a coping mechanism to prevent damage to the pump.

However, heavy ice on the pump could signal a problem as it could mean that the defrost is not functioning. Faulty sensors, controls, and relays can cause a malfunction in the defrosting mechanism. Other causes of the failed defrosting mechanism are issues with the reverse valve and low refrigerant. With these indicators of a faulty defrosting system, be sure to switch off your heat pump and call for a professional from Heat Pump Repair Columbus, Ohio.

Is Your Heat Pump Broken?

A broken heat pump is a huge inconvenience and frustration for you. Thankfully, a couple of indicators warn you that your pump needs attention; hence, you can call for repair.