6 Interesting Garden Tools/Accessories You Should Be Using

6 Interesting Garden Tools/Accessories You Should Be Using

Whether you’re tidying up, growing plants or aiming to create a blossoming landscape, gardening tools are the absolute foundations you require to achieve your gardening objectives. While we have already published an article on a beginners guide to cold frame gardening, this article will discuss 6 interesting gardening tools/accessories you need to add to your collection today.

Fruit Picking Crown

To start off this list of interesting gardening tools/accessories, we have the fruit picking crown. A fruit picking crown is a garden utensil that enthusiastic gardeners should be using due to its high practicality. If you have been growing the likes of apples or pear trees for a long period of time, chances are some of your fruits have grown in difficult and hard to reach locations. This is where the fruit picking crown thrives as it can mean you can obtain every last one of your desired organic fruits with relative ease. It also greatly reduces the hazard potential in your garden as if you have to get step ladders in order to collect the fruits, you could quite easily fall off. As such, fruit picking crowns eliminates this possibility.

Water Resistant Specific Gardening Gloves

Garden gloves can be classified as one of the absolute fundamental accessories when conducting your everyday gardening. However, standard gardening gloves can sometimes be prone to excessive wear and tear and have a limited lifespan. In addition, during the more groggy periods of the calendar year, rain water can make standard gardening gloves feel heavy and uncomfortable when fitted onto your hands. This is where garden specific water resistant gloves come into play. These types of gloves have the same properties as hard wearing gloves such as being resistant to coarse materials but with the added bonus of being waterproof. This is clearly a desired property if you wish to maintain your garden during harsh weather conditions and a must have for gardening enthusiasts. Not to mention they come in a plethora of colours which can help match the aesthetics of your garden layout.

Over Shoe Covers

We know gardening can be hard work, which is why every now and then you may want to go inside, wind down and relax with a cup of coffee. However, if you are exhausted, you may forget to untie your garden shoes or slip off your wellington boots. Consequently, without you realising, you may have just brought muck and dirt into your home living area. As such, the over shoe covers can provide an excellent solution for your dirty gardening applications. You can simply slide your dirty shoes into the overshoe and you are good to travel throughout your house as you please. Almost as if you were wearing slippers.

Darlac String Cutter

Another interesting and hugely beneficial gardening tool is the Darlac string cutter. Have you ever heard of the saying “Good things often come in small packages?” Well the Darlac spring cutter is no exception. String is incredibly useful during gardening applications as it can help measure out growing areas and form string trellis to aid the growth and support your plants. The string cutter works by simply clipping on to the top of your finger, almost like a ring with the blade facing the same direction as your hand. Simply angle the blade across the string and swipe in either direction. No hassle needed.


Technology has taken the gardening and agricultural industry by storm, especially in recent years but that is not to say that the majority of manual gardening applications have become redundant. There is nothing wrong with a manual job when trying to maintain your garden and this is where the likes of a handy scythe can come into play. Scythes are deemed the best tool for mowing flower meadows and long grass, but are also handy for a range of other tasks from topping lawns to trimming weeds. Not to mention to successfully use a scythe, users will need to master a correct rhythm which also helps with stimulating your brain while maintaining your garden. If you have any stubborn tall grass that needs trimming, a scythe is the gardening tool you need.


Web Designed Pond Guard

Our final interesting garden tool you should be using refers to a pond guard. For those of you lucky enough to have a space for a pond or area which can house fish, a pond guard is undoubtedly a must have when it comes to your garden applications. Not only does it stop the unwanted critters from potentially disturbing your wildlife, it can deter kids from mooching around the pond as well as the guards coming in all different shapes, sizes and styles to match the aesthetics of your garden.


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