7 Cool Ways To Kit Out Your Children’s Bedroom So They Can Call It Their Own

Kids love a space that they can call their own and that’s why they enjoy spending time in their bedroom, so, they are really going to appreciate their parents even more if you are able to turn their room into somewhere cool to hang out.

Whether its bean bags from Comfy Sacks or any other sources of inspiration, here are some ideas that you might want to use so that you can turn your kids bedroom into a place that really works for them and even encourages them to keep things tidy!

Split the room into zones

A great way of creating an interesting layout that will enable you and your child to get the most out the space available is to split the room into distinct areas.

Having one area where they can study and do their homework is practical, but, in addition, if you can use some bean bags and other furnishings to create a chill-out area it will encourage them to use the space to relax and enjoy themselves by reading a book or listening to some music.

Focus on storage solutions

There is no getting away from it, kids can be messy and they always seem to have such a lot of stuff these days, which means that the room could soon get untidy if you don’t provide plenty of storage options.

childrens-furniture-childrens-ideas-ikea-ireland-with-childrens-bedroom-furniture-the-cutest-childrens-bedroom-furniture.jpg (2048×1287)

If your kids love reading books, plenty of bookshelves would be a good idea and if they like collecting certain things, make sure you have some shelves and units that let them display these items without cluttering the bedroom.

Think carefully about your storage solution and aim to acquire some items that are dual-purpose and are not so age-specific that your kids will not want them in their room when their tastes and interests change.

Work with them on color schemes

Depending on the age of your child, it would be wise to get them involved in the design process and get their input when it comes to a theme and color scheme that you intend to use for the bedroom.

Something as neutral as possible would be good, without being too bland and boring, as any outlandish color scheme could soon lose its appeal.

You can easily add accents to a neutral color scheme on your walls with the use of throw rugs, pillow covers, and other textiles and furnishings that add the necessary splash of color without the need to completely redecorate when their tastes change.

Big on style, low on cost

Plenty of us have to tackle a room makeover with more than a keen eye on the cost and just because you are working to a tight budget it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a great look that your child will love.

Upcycling is a hot topic right now and your kids will be well aware of the need to be eco-friendly, which makes it the perfect opportunity to teach your kids a valuable lesson in frugality while breathing some new life into their bedroom.

Get them involved and try to source some recycled furniture and accessories that can be painted and spruced up to look like new again.

Not having to buy new furniture for your makeover is going to help you stay within your budget too, and your child should love the idea of using upcycled pieces.

A touch of glamour to make your girl feel special

Decorating a girls bedroom can be a real challenge as the pink phase can quickly get outdated and young ladies do seem to grow up quicker these days, which is why it makes sense to use a scheme that offers more than a touch of grown-up glamour.

If you use some chic weathered furniture and some trendy Scandinavian-inspired items of furniture it should add that level of sophistication that any girl would be happy within their bedroom.

Using some easy-to-remove stickers on the wall will also help you to keep pace with their changing interests without having to change the furniture or color scheme extensively.

A classic space-saving solution for your boy’s bedroom

Boys often like the idea of having a bunk bed in their room and this item of furniture is a real no-brainer as it solves several problems in one.

Having a bunk bed in their bedroom will free up some floor space and make good use of the height in the room and you should be able to find a bed that has some built-in storage options and maybe even a desk that pulls out when they need it.

If you paint the bund bed in a bold color that makes the furniture stand out in the room, you can make it your focal point and create the rest of your design around that.

As an alternative, boys bedrooms can look very sophisticated with a monochrome scheme, so consider that as an option, if you think it adds the sort of personality to the room that suits them perfectly.

When kids are sharing

You might decide that you don’t want the accent to focus on a boy or girl and it might also be that you have kids that are sharing a bedroom together.

This means that you may want to go for a gender-neutral solution that provides a design that everyone is happy with.

kid-bedrooms-03.jpg (3200×2133)

A black and white theme is the perfect gender-neutral color scheme solution and monochrome does tend to appeal to either sex if it’s done in the right way. The good news is that this is also a contemporary look that is right on-trend and will allow you to keep the scheme for some time to come, because of its neutrality.

The main points to remember when you are designing your child’s bedroom is that you want the space to come across as playful and fun as well as practical so that they are happy to spend time there and enjoy their surroundings.

Think about your design ideas before you start decorating and changing things around, then you should be rewarded with a bedroom that your kids will want to spend time in.