7 Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

7 Easy Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

While space is a primary consideration when buying or renting a home, your needs might change as time passes. Staying in a spacious house lets you allot a spot for everything and anything you have, ensuring a clean, uncluttered environment. Creating extra space in your home is critical to ascertaining proper ventilation and air circulation, effectively minimising bacteria concentration in the atmosphere. It’s a cost-effective solution to moving, particularly for those experiencing financial difficulties. Discussed below are seven ways to create more space in your home.

1. Collaborate With a Professional Home Organiser

Home organisation is one of the best things you can do to free space around your home. Since the process takes time and effort, partnering with a professional organiser, an expert in maximising space, no matter the size, can help. Clutter is among the primary reasons most homes seem cramped. Reliable, professional organisers will advise you on what to toss and keep, making it easier to keep your home clutter-free because you only keep what you require.

Besides helping streamline your space, professional organisers can recommend the best organisational practices to maintain and keep your home as spacious and organised as possible. Considering that some organisers specialise in office organisation while others focus on residential spaces, the best professional organisers should have experience organising the particular areas you need help with. Their track record and reputation should help you gain insights into their professionalism, work quality, and effectiveness.

2. Leverage Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional functional furniture serves several functions at once. This space-saving furniture enables you to maximise your space while making it functional, especially in small homes. If your house doesn’t have sufficient storage areas, multifunctional furniture can help create extra storage space. This furniture also eliminates the need for separate storage pieces, minimising clutter and making your home more spacious. To create more space using multifunctional furniture, you can opt for pieces like:

  • Coffee tables with storage compartments for keeping magazines, discs, chargers, and more
  • Bunks beds to ensure you only occupy one space for two beds
  • Bed frame with storage
  • Mirrors with shelves
  • A pull-out sofa bed can be transformed into a bed or maintain its sofa-like look for sitting
  • When looking for multifunctional furniture, ensure it aligns with your needs. You should also consider comfort, size, and versatility.

3. Create Under-Staircase Storage

Under-stair storage is an excellent way to use the space under the staircase while creating a practical storage solution. This space-saving solution enables you to make the most out of your living area. Since the lowest point under the stairs is usually hard to access, you can install drawers there and use them for shoe storage.

You can get creative with this space by making things like under-staircase TV units, rooms, and more. You can even make an under-stairs sofa ideal for relaxing after a busy day. Under the staircase, storage is among the best ways to declutter and ensure a spacious home.

Fitting a stylish storage under the stairs can transform your space. Creating extra storage helps future-proof your home. You can get under-staircase storage customised to meet your storage requirements and complement your property’s interior style. The cabinets’ exterior can be designed to blend in with the stairs or align your wall panelling or internal door style.

4. Renovate the Basement

Renovating your basement is an excellent way to add more usable space to your house. However, before starting the renovation, you should decide how you’ll use the space. You can remodel the basement to include:

  • Family room: You can create a second family room with a huge TV where you can host family or friends. If there’s still more space, add a mini or basement kitchen to ensure easy drink and food accessibility. If this isn’t possible, add a mini fridge or bar
  • Playroom with a designated homework area: It’s an ideal solution if you have children. As the kids grow, you can convert the playroom into a teen room
  • Additional basement bedrooms: Creating extra bedrooms in the basement is a great way to allow some privacy to your guests during their stay
  • Home office: Adding a home office to your basement separates it from the other parts of your home, enforcing boundaries between your work and other aspects of your life

5.    Declutter Your Home

Clutter disrupts your sense of control over your space, increasing stress levels. A cluttered house is disorganised and cramped. Decluttering your space is the easiest way to create more space in your home. You can start by decluttering one room at a time. Set up a sorting system for your belongings. Get three boxes: one for the items you wish to keep, another one for those you no longer need, and the other for sentimental or seasonal items. You can sell, donate, or discard the things you don’t need anymore.

6. Leverage the Attic Space

The attic is another area you can leverage to create more space. If you have an unfinished attic, you can keep seasonal items there as they’ll be safe from dust, insects, and more. Instead of keeping things on the attic floor, consider:

  • Hanging baskets on the hooks fixed on the trusses
  • Adding shelves around the attic’s perimeter and between the trusses
  • Using truss organisers to make additional space
  • If your roof line or ceiling is slanted, consider adding a rod
  • Adding ceiling drawers to keep the things you don’t use as often

Besides using the attic for storage to create more room in the house, you can also turn the attic into a living space or for other uses based on your needs.

7. Add Mirrors to Your Home

Mirrors make a room seem bigger than it is. They reflect light and make walls appear farther away, creating an illusion of extra space. To make your home seem more spacious:

  • Utilise large wall mirrors to make your spaces seem brighter and bigger
  • Put mirrors in smaller bedrooms: Place mirrors on opposite windows to maximise the limited space in these bedrooms. This will make the smaller bedrooms look bigger and let more natural light flow into the spaces
  • Add mirrors in your living room: To make your living room feel spacious and bright, use a mirror and other reflective surface combination

For mirrors to make your home seem bigger, ensure they’re of considerable size and the right height, and pair them with a source of light.


Cramped spaces hamper comfort and functionality. Utilise these simple ways to create more space in your home.