7 Reasons Why You Choose Laminates In Place Of Paints

7 Reasons Why You Choose Laminates In Place Of Paints

Whenever it’s time to redesign your house, giving it a fresh coat of paint seems like the logical thing to do. That’s a practice we’re all familiar with. However, with the perception of interior design changing rapidly in recent years, laminate sheets are becoming a more preferred choice.

Decorative laminates add colour, vibrance, and elegance to almost any surface in a unique way. That can make your living room stand out in front of your guests and allow you to be more experimental with your decor choice.

7 Reasons Why Laminate Sheets Are a Better Choice Than Paints

Elegance and colour aren’t the only reasons why more and more homeowners are picking designer laminates over paint. Here are some of the reasons why:

Easy to Install– Painting can be a long process. It’s extremely intensive and can take days to complete, even after professional help. Luckily, with laminates, installation isn’t an issue. It’s short, crisp, and effortless. In fact, you don’t even need a handyperson to help you out either.

If there’s a power saw lying around in your house, that’s ideal for cutting your laminate sheets into your desired size. Otherwise, you always use the score and snap method to get the job done. Once you have the pieces, simply sand the surface, apply the adhesive, hold it in place. That’ll be enough.

Easy Maintenance- Maintaining your decorative laminates is a breeze. They are waterproof, scratch-proof, and abrasion-resistant. Also, considering that high pressure laminates are made by laying down one layer of kraft paper over another under tremendous heat and pressure, they’re extremely sturdy material for domestic use.

As a homeowner, that must be great news for you. It means you can place them on any surface and not worry about spills or splashes. A light mop or regular dusting would be enough to keep them clean and hygienic.

In comparison, painted surfaces can be pretty hard to maintain, especially in the long run. It’s fairly common for such surfaces to get stained or chipped with time, giving your room a grimy look. It also means you have to repaint these surfaces quite often to maintain the charm, which is a lot more inconvenient than using decorative laminates.

Wide Range- Variety is a key attribute of laminate sheets. Definitely, there are many options for paints, but the variety in shades, textures, and sizes of laminate sheets almost dwarves them.

With an extensive range of options, you can customize your pick depending on your needs. Whether it’s a high gloss laminate or hardwood design, you can pick the one that complements the furniture in your living room to have an aesthetic decor that pairs beauty with functionality.

No Health Effects- Paint fumes are a big reason for concern when getting your home redesigned. Not only is it discomforting, but prolonged exposure to toxic paint fumes can also lead to some people developing congested noses and mild blisters.

These concerning health effects aren’t really a thing with hygienic laminate sheets. The inert laminates from Royal Touche prevent the growth of bacteria on its surface. That removes the necessity of using special cleaning materials. More importantly, it makes the laminate sheet safe for use in various places, including kitchen countertops and wardrobes in your kid’s room.

Cost-Effective- Designer laminates are also a better investment as a decor choice in comparison to paint. Paints are cheaper than a quality laminate sheet in the short term. However, it’s the associated costs that make laminates a better option.

Firstly, they are convenient and cheap to install. Considering you can get any surface covered with a laminate sheet yourself, there’s no need to pay for additional professional help for the purpose. Moreover, laminate sheets are also considerably more durable than a simple coat of paint. Which means there’s no need to replace them frequently. Add to that the zero maintenance costs and laminate sheets appear to be hands-down winners.

Applicability- There are only so many surfaces where you can use paints. In comparison, decorative laminates give you greater freedom when it comes to applicability. Designer laminates are perfect for every surface, from bookshelves to front doors to storeroom cabinets.

Long-Term Warranty- When you become a customer of Royale Touche, you also become eligible for an extended warranty on every product. This long term warranty offers you better value and ensures you get the most out of your investments.

The warranty on laminate sheets takes care of any unforeseen inconvenience that might arise in the future and assures they’ll be dealt with effectively. Most importantly, it creates a hassle-free experience and ensures accountability that you won’t get with paints.

There isn’t even a competition when it comes to choosing the better option between laminates and paints. Laminates are the ideal surfacing solution for modern homes with their wide variety, applicability, and functionality.