7 Ways To Protect Your Home Windows Against Burglars

7 Ways To Protect Your Home Windows Against Burglars

Over 150,000 burglaries take place in Australia every year. And a large proportion of robbers prefer to break in through a window. As a result, securing your windows against unlawful entry is of utmost importance to protect your property and the people within. So how can you, the everyday homeowner, enhance the security of your windows to keep the bad guys at bay?

Let’s take a look at seven simple tips for protecting your home against burglars.

Install Security Film

One of the most popular ways for a burglar to gain entry into a home is by smashing a window. And one of the easiest and cheapest ways to prevent this is to install a security film.

An alternative to security window screens, this near-invisible thin layer of film is installed inside the window and set to the frame. Because it’s so tough and durable, a burglar will find it extremely difficult to smash their way through the glass, prompting them to give up and move on to an easier target instead. Security film is affordable and won’t detract from the appearance of your home, making it the option of choice for the majority of homeowners.

Install Bars or Grills

A viable alternative to security film is installing bars or grills onto your windows. Although these are virtually impossible for a burglar to get through, they’re not ideal as they can detract from the exterior aesthetics of your home due to their prison-like appearance. Nevertheless, some ornate window bars do look lovely and may even bolster your curb appeal.

Given bars are designed with optimal security in mind, you might prefer to only install them in high-risk areas such as basement windows facing the street. Do keep in mind that bars make it impossible to escape the home in the event of a house fire, so think twice before installing them on every window.

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Lock Your Windows

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective.

Although it may seem unlikely that a burglar would go around checking to see whose windows are unlocked, this is actually a prevalent tactic. After all, it’s much safer to slip in through an unsecured window than to smash one open. So make sure you’ve got high-quality locking mechanisms installed and that you remember to use them.

Set Up Security Cameras

Security cameras are a superb deterrent for would-be thieves, as the threatdentification, and subsequent prosecution is enough to send them scrambling.

Install the security camera above your most vulnerable windows and within plain sight— if after all, you want the robbers to know it’s there. Another option is to put a security camera inside the property so you can monitor the interior and scare off potential burglars at the same time. If you’d like to enjoy high-resolution video from the camera, there’s Vivint, but before making a choice, you might want to read some online Vivint home security reviews.

Use Floodlights

Terrified at the thought of a stranger creeping in through your window in the dead of night? Then invest in a floodlight to illuminate the exterior of your home. Of course, rather than leaving it on all the time and driving your neighbours mad, you can simply install a sensor to automatically trip when there’s movement outside.

Burglars intending to operate under the shadow of darkness will no longer have anywhere to hide and will simply move on to another target instead.

Plant Thorny Bushes around the Windows

Burglars operate by scoping out their targets to determine which will be easier to hit. And considering windows are such a common entry point, even a minor inconvenience like thick shrubbery could persuade them to look elsewhere.

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When gaining entry through a window, a burglar will spend a significant amount of time fiddling with the locks and looking for a discreet way to break in. And if you’ve got a thorny bush growing right in the way, that’s going to make life difficult for them.

Get a Guard Dog

Our loyal four-legged friends bound towards our windows and gnash their teeth at any strangers who dare approach the home. And even if it’s not an intimidating species such as a Doberman or Great Dane, your dog will make enough of a racket to scare a burglar away. The best part? They make fantastic companions as well.

Our windows are one of the most popular entry points in the home. But with a little planning and preparation, it’s possible to secure our windows and diminish the risk. Get in contact with your local professionals today to enquire about their high-quality security film and security window screens.