9 Advantages of Click LVT Flooring

9 Advantages of Click LVT Flooring

1. 100% Waterproof

The waterproof properties of lvt flooring make it an extremely usable floor type. It enables you to use it throughout your home or office including in bathrooms, toilets and utility areas. Many other floor types such as wood and laminate are not well suited for use in areas where they can get wet, which means you have to use a different floor type for these areas. This makes the whole flooring process easier and the areas often flow better when the same flooring has been used throughout.

Some modern laminate floors are advertised as being water resistant, which is not the same as waterproof. Water resistant means the material can resist water ingress for a certain period of time. Waterproof means water ingress cannot happen.

A 100% waterproof floor makes day to day life a lot easier.

2. Resilient to Temperature Changes

LVT flooring is designed to be much more resilient to temperature changes than real wood flooring, which many lvt products are designed to imitate. This is possible because it is manufactured rather than grown naturally.

Temperature changes occur naturally with weather and also due to manmade causes such as central and underfloor heating. Real wood flooring ideally needs to be kept between around 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the material from changing size and shape. The temperature range for lvt flooring is more forgiving at around 50 – 122 degrees Fahrenheit for room temperatures.

3. Easy To Install

Click lvt flooring is one of the best options for DIY projects and inexperienced installers. There are three main reasons for this;

Click Together Planks – The flooring is designed and manufactured with a click joining mechanism built into each plank. No glue is needed to keep the planks together, they simply click together and remain in place until you unclick them.

Built In Underlay – Each individual plank has underlay built into it. The built in underlay also usually has sound reducing properties. Ready built in underlay means separate underlay is not needed to be purchased or installed.

Floated Floor – Click lvt flooring is a floated floor. It is not glued down to the subfloor, it is installed without glue. This saves time on the installation and money on the glue, as none is needed.


4. Affordable

LVT flooring is one of the more cost effective options available, especially when compared to natural products such as wood flooring. The purchase price of lvt flooring is roughly half of the purchase price for wood flooring. On top of saving around 50% from simply buying the flooring, click lvt is cheaper to have installed than wood flooring.

Real wood floors often need to be fully bonded to the subfloor, which is significantly more time consuming than simply floating lvt flooring over the subfloor. Real wood floors also often have tongue and groove plank joining systems that need to be glued together, which is also more time consuming than the plank joining system of click lvt.

The overall simplicity of installations of click lvt flooring combined with its reasonable purchase price help keep the total spend on the new flooring down.

5. Quiet to Walk On

Floor types including real wood and laminate flooring tend to be quite noisy to walk on. This can be a problem especially for anyone in properties underneath in apartment or office blocks.

Click lvt flooring is noticeably quieter to walk on. This is largely due to the lvt material itself and also the sound reducing properties of the built in underlay. Remember, most real wood floors are glued directly to the subfloor, this means there is no underlay at all to absorb the sound of footsteps or even any other general sound in the area.

If you have ever been in a property with the sound of noisy footsteps coming from above you will understand the value of a quiet floor.

6. Easy To Replace Damaged Planks

It is almost inevitable that flooring will become at least slightly damaged in areas over many years of use. Therefore the easier it is to replace sections of the flooring the better.

Replacing flooring that has been glued in place is significantly more involved than flooring that has not been glued. If you think about a wood floor that has been fully glued down and the individual planks have also been glued together, how likely do you think it is that anyone is going to be able to remove planks without damaging them? Not very unfortunately!

That is the advantage of click lvt flooring. There is no glue anywhere. The damaged planks can simply be lifted, unclicked, replaced with new ones, clicked back together, and put back. The two floor types don’t even compare with regards to replacing damaged planks.

The most common outcome with damaged wood flooring planks is the owner either already knows or finds out how difficult and expensive replacing them would be so they simply end up having to live with the damaged floor. Which most people would understandably rather not have to do.

7. Variety

LVT flooring comes in an extremely wide variety. It’s available in different colours, plank sizes, plank widths, plank thicknesses, plank lengths and patterns.

LVT is an imitation of natural flooring such as real wood flooring and real stone flooring. If you consider the range of variety that is available between the different types of imitation wood flooring and imitation stone flooring, it’s truly massive.

This would also allow you for example to make it look like you have real wood flooring throughout your house, and real stone flooring in your kitchen, utility room and bathrooms. Whereas in actual fact it would all be LVT.

If you wanted to, you could easily have a different lvt floor in every room in your home.


8. Long Warranties

The higher quality lvt flooring products are extremely well made and many come with surprisingly long warranties. It is common for lvt flooring to include 30 year residential warranties. Top end lvt products even include Lifetime residential warranties. How many products in general do you know of that come with Lifetime warranties? Not many!

The important thing that a long warranty tells you is that the manufacturer knows that they have built the product to such a high standard that they basically know for a fact that it isn’t going to go wrong. Otherwise they wouldn’t guarantee it to that high level.

Warranty lengths are fantastic indications of quality.

9. Scratch Resistant

Spending your hard earned money on a lovely looking new floor only to find that a couple of days later it has been scratched can be disappointing to say the least.

Whilst no floor type is scratch proof, some are more scratch resistant than others. LVT flooring is one of the better ones. Wood flooring for example is more expensive than lvt and scratches easier. The more scratch resistant flooring is the longer it will look good for.


LVT flooring has been going from strength to strength in recent years and becoming increasingly popular and widely used. After reading the above advantages it is easy to understand why. It’s the best all-rounder by far!