A List Of Things To Keep In Mind To Create The Most Beautiful Shaker Kitchen

A List Of Things To Keep In Mind To Create The Most Beautiful Shaker Kitchen

Balanced proportions, square edges, clean lines, and minimal details in all elements are the characteristics of a shaker kitchen. Additionally, they are simple, functional and without too much ornamentation and carvings. In the last year, this type of kitchen has become a very popular option, and many people consider it more and more the best solution for their home. The Shaker kitchens have appeared as a necessity to have a useful and practical place, but they also succeed in creating a timeless appeal. This type of style was designed in the 18th century, when the Shakers, a group of Protestants who moved from England to America, practiced their belief that God is at the center of everything. In this way, the Shakers’ simplicity, utility, and honesty principles inspired many crafts, including some kitchen styles.

Here is a list of elements you should keep in mind if you want a Shaker kitchen.

Consider Wood

As Shaker-style kitchens are recognized for their timeless appeal, using wood is a common feature that will improve the overall look of your home. The most common parts where they are usually used are in the worktops and flooring, and they succeed in complementing the room’s aesthetic. Because of their simple and soft tones, they add exactly the subtle details that your space might need. Besides the appealing look, wood also helps bring natural elements into your house, which is the reason why it was first integrated into the Shaker kitchen. Originally, the cabinetry was made from fruit trees and left unadorned and unpainted so that any house would look more like the natural environment. But now, depending on the other element in your kitchen, you can choose whatever type of wood you prefer. For example, for a kitchen with a dark color scheme, you can opt for walnut and mahogany, and for a lighter one, consider oak or maple. If you want to incorporate sustainable ideas, the shaker kitchen is perfect because of the natural materials.

Opt for Shaker Cabinetry

One of the most recognizable elements of this style is represented by the iconic cabinetry. Because they have simple and clean lines, the cabinetries will create the perfect aesthetic, improving your house’s look. The cabinetries are also functional and help store all the needed utensils, plates and pans. Currently, a trendy option is to consider a sage green kitchen, as the beautiful color is associated with nature and ecology and creates an earthy, peaceful and serene ambiance that anyone loves. And since sage green is a muted color, it will pair well with natural materials and the other elements of the room. Plus, with this color, your kitchen will have a chic appeal, making a subtle statement without being too evident.

Use Patterned Wallpaper

Although the authentic Shaker kitchens didn’t adopt this element because they were characterized by minimalism, the modern style allows you to add your preferences to your place. And regarding this, the perfect way to give a new life to the classic style is to use patterned wallpaper. Because simple looks characterize this style, adding different elements, like texture and color, is very easy, as they will match well with everything. The pattern you choose should represent you and what you like the most, and you can also get inspired by your favorite country. For example, if you want your kitchen to always remind you of Greece, you can choose a wallpaper containing lots of citrus and a blue palette to send you directly to your happy place.

Select a Color

Because many decorations and too bright colors were considered sinful, the homes of the Shakers were generally muted and natural, made from plant material and clay so that they would create natural hues. But today, you are open to embracing any color you like as long as it matches the other elements. Still, the most common colors used in this kitchen are soft ones like pale gray, white, beige, and soft green because they have a simple and symmetrical appeal. If you want to create more depth, consider opting for a darker color in your kitchen island than the ones used for walls. The same goes for all the other elements, if you want to emphasize something more, you should paint them in a different color that will stand out in your eye. If you want a refined look, you can use the same color but in two shades, creating thus a bold statement.

Contrast With Handles

Because the shakers-style kitchens are characterized by very simple elements with no carvings or decorations, the handle is the detail you can focus on. If the handles are well chosen, they will greatly impact the overall look of your kitchen. They should be discreet and functional, easy to open and attract just a simple glimpse from your guests, which will surely appreciate them. Cup handles and simple knobs are the perfect choices for this kitchen. The materials most used for handles are stainless steel and chrome because they ensure they will keep their quality over time and let you access what you need from your cupboards and drawers.

Final Words

If you want a kitchen that you will not need to renovate every year, you should opt for a shaker style because of its timeless appeal that always looks good. Plus, as simple elements characterize it, you will not need to worry you will not find the furniture you need as every shop that sells kitchen units will surely have something suitable for this kitchen design. Opt for wood to bring natural elements into your house, and you will also benefit from this material’s chic look. The color you choose is also essential, and it should contain soft tones that will create a cleaner, simple and harmonious appearance. Don’t forget to focus on handles and search for ones that have a nice design and are also functional because they will add a simple but effective touch that will improve the kitchen’s overall look.