A Practical Pool Owner Guide to Cleaning the Pool Filters

A Practical Pool Owner Guide to Cleaning the Pool Filters

Filters are the most crucial component at keeping your pool clean & hygienic to dive in every time. So, you must invest time and effort to clean your filters regularly.

Before that, we are going to discuss the relevant signs that are the best time to clean your pool filters.

So, read on to find out:-

How Do You Know When to Clean Your Pool Filter?

Here are signs you should look out for


If your pool filter cartridge has visible signs of discoloration, then it might be time to clean it. While, it won’t be as white as when you newly bought it, but at the same time, it shouldn’t have oily dark brown strains. If it has happened, it means the filter has been saturated with oil.

You have to soak the cartridge in a cleaner to get rid of oil marks. In case the oil doesn’t come out, then consider replacing the filter cartridge.

Lousy Water Quality

If water appears icky even after the chemicals torment, then the chances are high, the pool filters are not functioning optimally, and majorly because they are dirty. Clean the pool filter cartridge carefully.

Other Times You Should Check Your Pool Filter

  • After a major storm
  • As a part of the pool cleaning or cleaning process.
  • During an algae treatment.

How to Clean Sand Filters?


Keeping your swimming pool’s filter system in optimum condition will ensure that the pool water is safe for your family and guests. Here’s a detailed guide on how to clean a sand filter:-

Sand pool filters are the most preferred choice because of their ease of use and costs. But, they do require regular cleaning for proper maintenance.

Step 1:- Turn off the pool, before you commence cleaning your sand pool filters.

Step 2:- Set the pool filter system valve to backwash. Ensure that you lay out the hose where you want the water to go.

Step 3:- After backwashing, there would be loose sand that you need to ensure gets settled so that it doesn’t return to the pool water. Set the valve to rinse for two to three minutes, turn the power again.

Step 4:- The waste setting in the pool filtering system is to ensure the water is sent out of the waste pipes rather than going into the pool water. It doesn’t send the water through the sand filter. Plush the water out of the drain pipe. Make sure your sand filters are back washed for one to four weeks.

How to Clean Cartridge filters?


Cleaning a cartridge pool filter is much easier, as often you just have to pull out the cartridge and clean it or replace it. Here’s the process to clean a cartridge pool filter:-

Step 1:-Turn off the pool filtration system and the pump.

Step 2:- Turn their relief valve to get rid of the air in a cartridge filter.

Step 3:- In this step, you have to carefully remove the clamps holding the filter. If you are unsure how to open it, then do check the user manual of your pool filtering system.

Step 4:- Remove the top of the filter.

Step 5:- Carefully remove the cartridge and set it aside.

Step 6:- Now, clean the cartridge using a spray nozzle. If the cartridge filter is too dirty, then use a quality filter cleaner. After that, rinse the filter.

Step 7:- Secure the cartridge back in its place.

How to Reduce the Burden of Pool Maintenance?

Swimming pools are hard to maintain but with your smart investment in pool accessories can reduce your burden.

Install pool cover reel that comes with various benefits. It keeps out yard debris, leaves, or twigs, thus reducing the burden off the shoulder to maintain your pool water. In addition, the pool filter has to work less rigorously, thus less maintenance is needed. If your blacked pool is covered all year round, you would have to vacuum less and for a shorter amount of time.

Besides cutting down on the maintenance time, a swimming pool cover can save on your energy bills, whether the pool water is heated solar, electricity, or gas. But how? A cover pool will lose less heat throughout the day, especially during the winter.

These covers are heavy to operate manually, therefore consider adding an auto pool reel to cover and uncover the pool with a flick of a switch in a fraction of a second.

Install a Patio Cover to Double the Poolside Fun

Enjoy your outdoors to its full potential by adding patio cover. It will keep you dry, even if it rains and cools when it’s scorching hot outside. A patio cover will add more style and class to your home exterior appeal.

A covered patio will create a secure place for families and entertainment. Apart from comfort and elegance, a covered patio adds value to your home if you are planning to sell your property.