AC Fan Won’t Turn Off: Causes & Fixes

AC Fan Won’t Turn Off: Causes & Fixes

If your air conditioning fan keeps running continuously, it is imperative that it gets fixed promptly, as this can waste electricity, increase utility costs, and possibly damage its motor.

Fans that won’t turn off may be caused by electrical components that need attention, making the issue difficult for an amateur DIYer to address on their own. Therefore, professional help should always be considered first for a quick resolution of this problem.

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For more information on why your system isn’t working properly, read below.

1. Thermostat Issues

Sometimes it may be caused by a thermostat issue. An inoperable fan often signals a thermostat setting that’s too low which means your system will overwork itself to achieve comfort inside. A quick solution would be increasing this setting to achieve a better indoor temperature.

2. Circuit breaker Issues

When you switch on the breaker box, and everything stops working (including your AC), it can be unsettling, but don’t panic – that breaker is simply doing its job of protecting wires from too much electrical current.

When the circuit breaker detects that too much electricity is being drawn on one of its circuits, it automatically shuts down to protect wires or overheat from damage or overheating.

Depending on which type of breaker is installed in your home, either physically separating its fixed and moving contacts or disintegrating a fuse completely stops its flow, preventing any current from damaging wires or overheating the device itself.

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If your fan isn’t shutting off, it could be a circuit breaker issue. Check to see if your breaker is tripping and contact a technician to solve the problem.

3. Thermostat Settings

There are a few settings on your thermostat that may cause your air conditioner fan to continue operating continuously. If the fan setting is set to ON instead of AUTO, it will run continuously throughout the cooling cycle and between cycles – even though this should only occur when directed by the thermostat.

This issue could also be the result of a loose or damaged thermostat, while in other instances, the wires could have become “shorted”, meaning that they are touching each other outside their insulated sheath.

This may have occurred due to being pinched somewhere within the wall, age-related deterioration of insulation or a rodent chewing on insulation sheathing or wires being pinched somewhere inside your wall.

4. Relay Issues

Your air conditioning system should automatically switch off its fan motor once the temperature in your home reaches the set point, using a relay switch installed in your air handler. However, if its bimetal wears down over time and keeps closing off its circuit permanently, preventing its fan motor from ever shutting off as intended.

Fixing this is straightforward if you know how to open your AC access panel and remove the relay switch for replacement – new units typically cost under $50. An air conditioning technician can repair your relay switch to restore communication between your AC and thermostat.

If the switch cannot be replaced or is in the auto position, and its contacts appear clean, try cleaning them using a simple screwdriver tap to separate contact pits and restart relay operations. Another possible solution may include covering exposed wires with electrical tape to avoid shorting against each other and shorting against each other.

Note that this work should be left to a professional, as it can be potentially dangerous due to live wires and electric current. It’s always best to leave it to the pros who are trained to take care of HVAC systems.