Akron Fixer Upper: Renovating Your Home With Style


Are you thinking of renovating or fixing up your home in Akron? Well, Akron is a great place to live, and renovating your home can make it even better. However, renovations can be stressful and expensive. In this blog, you’ll learn how to renovate your Akron home with style. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, this post has got you covered.

Akron, Ohio is a great place to call home. It’s a city that boasts a vibrant community, beautiful landscapes, and ample recreational opportunities. The cost of living in Akron is significantly lower than the national average, making it an affordable option for families, retirees, and young professionals.

Additionally, Akron’s housing market presents a unique opportunity for homeowners. Instead of selling their homes and moving on, many residents are choosing to renovate. Thanks to the city’s rich history, Akron is filled with homes that have unique architectural details and solid bones, making them ideal candidates for renovation. Plus, renovating allows homeowners to add value to their homes while also customizing them to fit their individual styles and needs. So, why move when you can create your dream home right where you are?

When planning your Akron home renovation, consider the local climate and its impact on your choices. Akron experiences a significant range of weather conditions throughout the year, from hot, humid summers to cold, snowy winters. Your renovation plans should include insulation and energy-efficient options that can withstand these fluctuations. Additionally, Akron is home to a wide range of local suppliers who offer everything from hardwood floors to custom cabinetry. Utilizing these local businesses not only supports the local economy but allows for more personalized service and potential cost savings. It’s a win-win for your renovation project.

So if it’s time for you to press ahead with your home renovation, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Plan and Budget

The first step to renovating your home is to plan and set your budget. You must have a solid plan which includes the intended outcome for the renovation process such as new energy-efficient windows to save money on the energy bill each month. Make sure to set your budget realistically, so you don’t end up overspending. Remember to leave a little extra for unforeseen expenses. Planning in advance also helps save time in the long run.

Step 2: Take Advice

Next, consult with a professional contractor. With this step, don’t just choose any contractor, pick a professional that knows what they’re doing. Listen carefully to their suggestions and advice as they know best how to manage your renovation within your budget. They can provide you with insider information such as what materials and finishes work best for your specific project and what will work within the style and budget goals you set. Remember that it’s not just building work you need to consider. Look for a junk removal Akron company to help remove any waste products from your home before, during and after the build. And speak to some realtors in your local area to check if your plans are a good idea in case you ever want to sell up.

Step 3: Set a Timeline

Don’t begin any renovation without setting a timeline. Always make sure to set a realistic time-frame and milestones during the renovation process so that everybody involved can stay on the same page. Each step of the renovation must have a set of goals and expectations that meet your deadline.

Step 4: Project Management

Assigning a project manager is crucial to keep the renovation on track. This could be you, or you could hire a professional depending upon the complexity of the work. The project manager will oversee the renovation details, coordinate with contractors, and ensure that the project is progressing according to the timeline. It is their responsibility to foresee and manage any potential problems that could derail the project’s completion.

Step 5: Redefine Your Style

One of the more exciting parts of renovating is being able to redefine your style. Innovate your living room with chic, new furniture or renovate your kitchen by adding new counter-tops and appliances. Adding new decor and furnishing elements can add style and comfort to your home. Getting an external perspective can also help you see things in your home that can be brought to life through simple additions or changes.

Step 6: Inventory and Material Lead Time

Before starting the renovation, it’s important to inventory all necessary materials and evaluate their lead times. Some materials, especially custom or specialty items, could have long lead times that could delay your renovation. This includes things like custom cabinetry, imported tiles, or specialty light fixtures. Make sure to order these items well in advance to prevent any unnecessary delays in your renovation schedule. Consider working with your contractor or a local supplier to aid in this process as they often have insider knowledge about the lead times of various items.

Step 7: Schedule the Work Logically

When planning your renovation, consider the nature of the work and the ideal time to execute it. If your renovation includes outdoor work, it would be best to schedule this for warmer weather when conditions are more favorable. Also, think about your personal schedule. Is there a particular time when you can take time off work to oversee the project or handle any unexpected issues that may arise? Remember, good contractors are often booked up well in advance, so be sure to schedule your renovation during a time when they are available. Planning your renovation during a slack period in the contractors’ schedule might even get you a discount.

Renovating your Akron home can be a fun and exciting experience. Remember, the entire process may seem to take a while, but when planned right, it can be smooth. More importantly, it can be very rewarding knowing that you envisioned and executed your dream home renovation with the help of professional, reliable experts. So, good luck, and happy renovating!