One of the most dynamic development Partnering facilitators on the planet, Neal Flesner is enthusiastic about shaping collective organizations prompting a striking task insight for all partners. He has gained notoriety for making group progress regardless of the venture conveyance strategy, number of gatherings included, or challenges introduced. Neal conveys esteem through demonstrated Partnering methodologies, including making projectexplicit Partnering plans, laying out normal quantifiable objectives and imparting open correspondence strategies among colleagues.

Neal’s curiosity for solving complex challenges led him to become a Construction Partnering Facilitator over fourteen years ago. His no-nonsense, pragmatic approach is recognized by clients worldwide who aim at developing collaborative relationships through open and honest dialogues with his assistance as an expert in facilitating projects that result high levels of performance from their team members.

A common misconception about Neal is that he creates cookie-cutter solutions for clients. In reality, the process of creation starts by thoroughly understanding each client’s needs through interviews and discussions with them – there are no one size fits all formats when it comes to project strategy or how they’ll be resolved. This leads into open dialogues where frank conversations lead towards better strategies being agreed upon in order get specific commitments from individuals instead of organizations as well as deliverables outlined with dates set so progress can happen effectively without waiting around wondering what will come next because creations like this just may help solve some problems!

Neal has experience facilitating Partnering sessions on nearly every type of vertical and horizontal construction project—from large scale government-funded projects to hospitals, highways, airports railways water treatment plants. He works with managers executives field personnel at all levels including owners architects engineering firms or third party entities critical for the success .

Neal is a forward-thinking leader who brings his creativity to every project. His passion for helping teams reach new heights and maximize their potential through goal driven strategies has resulted in many industry awards, including an AGC of America recognition as well Marvin M Black Partnering Excellence Award

He leads projects that prioritize speed over anything else because he knows how important it can be when everything needs done quickly – but still provides extraordinary results!

“I am not a leadership guru or team builder; I’m an all-purpose facilitator who has found success creating conversations to solve problems. Every team is unique, and my job as you can tell from the title sounds very different than it really does.” – Neal Flesner


“Every conversation we have together will be focused on helping your organization move forward at its maximum velocity by developing what’s called ‘action plans.’ These involve more than just talking through ideas — they require taking those difficult steps necessary for real progress!”

Neal is a consulting expert with decades of experience. He has helped major transportation agencies and companies around the world, including LA Metro, Sound Transit in Seattle (an agency he consults for), NAVFAC UCACE Caltrans NDOT Anheuser Busch Coca Cola PepsiCo Toyota Adidas Los Angeles Kings United States Olympic Committee among many others.”