Avoid Unnecessary Air Conditioning Repairs: Perth Expert Advice

At some point, every piece of complex equipment will need some repairs to work as intended. An AC system is no exception; it has a number of mechanical, electrical and electronic components that are required to provide effective indoor cooling. However, some of these air conditioning repair problems can be avoided by taking better care of your equipment. Regular maintenance and servicing before each cooling period begins can go a long way to keeping your system free from an unexpected failure. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of air conditioning servicing.

Post Summer Bills Blues

Many Australians dread their post summer energy bill costs, and it’s not hard to understand why. According to a recent survey Australians will spend $1.3 billion on energy to cool down their homes, and some of this expense is simply unnecessary. In fact, around 23% of Australians are using reverse cycle air conditioning in empty houses, and that is a tremendous waste of energy. This will be reflected in an energy bill that’s much higher than it needs to be, but there are also other hidden costs. Overtaxing your equipment can lead to unnecessary air con repairs. Perth residents should consider investing in a programmable or even better a smart thermostat. This will allow the homeowner to have unparalleled control over their HVAC systems.

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Avoiding High Summer Energy Bills

As Australians, we may have to deal with summer temperatures that can reach as high as 40ºC and we need that cooling now. This can lead to a denial of an energy bill that will hit three months from now, and this is understandable. However, that energy bill can be a real shock, and many people can be placed under considerable financial strain.

A typical split cycle AC system unit could consume approximately 5.0kWh, and this would equate to around 2.7 cents spent every minute. So, if the air conditioning is left on overnight, it could cost as much as $13 for a comfortable nights sleep. Extrapolate these figures across an entire summer, and you can easily see how energy consumption can skyrocket at this time of year.

A better alternative would be an evaporative air conditioning system. This equipment is typically cheaper to buy and install, and it will use far less energy to keep your home cool and comfortable. It’s estimated that the running costs are 80% cheaper than a split system air conditioner and this will make your summer cooling energy bills easier to bear.

Regular AC System Servicing

Another great way to keep your system running well and avoid any downtime is to get some regular servicing for your equipment. Any minor issues can be detected and repaired before they develop into more significant problems that could cause a system failure. A well maintained air conditioning system will also be more energy efficient, and this will reduce your summer energy bills.

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