Bedroom Interior Design Trends for 2023

Bedroom Interior Design Trends for 2023

You spent the vast majority of your daily time in the bedroom. From sleeping to reading books, from lying idle with your loved one to beginning your morning, the bedroom is undoubtedly the most crucial part of any house. This is why the bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be a serene place where you can wind down and unwind regardless of your day.

This might be why people spend so much time decorating and designing their bedrooms. From the lighting and wall paints to the curtains and area rug, everything in the bedroom should be well planned so that every aspect of the bedroom could come together perfectly.

But if you are out of ideas or need to learn how to spruce up the look and feel of your bedroom, you should start keeping tabs on the latest interior design trends. There is no need to copy the interior design trends; you can explore them, customise them, and then use them in your bedroom.

So, the wait is over now as we bring you the best bedroom interior design trends for 2023.

Colour Drenching

The word colour drenching might look like something from the arsenal of interior design experts. Still, it is simply an act of painting all surfaces while taking the colour beyond the wall and dipping the entire bedroom into colour. This way, you can easily make even a small bedroom look more prominent. The best part is that this trend will never cost you an arm and a leg.

This bedroom interior design trend is easy to implement, and you don’t need to be an interior design expert in using it. It looks sophisticated when you paint radiators, walls, skirtings, doors, walls, and cupboards in the same colour.

There are many ways to let your imagination go wild regarding bedroom paint and colour. To make an impact, you can stick to a single colour. This works like a magic wand with greens and soft greyed blues. But if you are expecting a dramatic statement, make sure to use bright colours.

Colourful Window Shutters

You should know about the architectural features of your bedroom and work on it, and since this will be trending in 2023, it will become much more important. The window is your bedroom’s most important architectural feature, and there is no need to leave it dull and plain.

In 2023, bedroom interior design experts will look forward to using windows to add a new scheme to the bedroom. Earlier, there was not even a second given when choosing the colour of the window shutter as it used to be the same as the wall or curtains.

However, many people are bucking the trend by making a statement by fitting through contrasting finishes and colours. Whether it is a panelled or slatted design, adding a new colour to the window shutters draws the eyes to them and gives a unique touch to your room.

Smart Blinds

In a rush to stay ahead in the race of building a connected house, more and more home appliances and elements are becoming a part of the smart initiatives, and blinds are no exception to this trend.

Since we have already stepped in 2023 and the new year demands new thoughts, perceptions, and resolutions, there is no need to stick with the traditional blinds. Make way for electric blinds, as they are currently ruling the bedroom interior design trend list.

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Although electric blinds are used everywhere in a house, they are more popular in the bedroom. If you watch movies, then there is no way you would have forgotten how Kate Winslet was left speechless after seeing the electrical blinds in the film ‘The Holiday’.

But this modern-day interior design marvel is no more just confined to Hollywood sets as it has now become easily accessible to the masses as well. Drawing the blinds while sitting on the bed, with just a touch of a button, has become more mainstream.

Ambient Lighting Solutions

To enjoy a serene sleep, everyone knows it is necessary to turn off the bright overhead lights for at least an hour before going to bed. This gives us enough time for our eyes to adjust quickly. Provided how LED lights for the bedroom are essential and how it plays a crucial role in sleep preparation, there is no doubt why lighting has made it to the list of trends.

The latest technology for bedrooms means we can control every aspect of the lighting scheme, from brightness to its direction, with the touch of a button. Since people have realised the importance of light in the bedroom, there is no surprise why bedroom light trends have slowly shifted away from harsh overhead lights.


Panelling was on the trending list in 2022, and it will also maintain its place in 2023. The main reason why people think that panelling in bedrooms will become timeless is it is an easy way to add texture to rooms, and it even updates any space.

Panelling works like a magic wand behind the bed and can be used in place of traditional headboards. Panelling soon becomes a sophisticated focal point whether you stick with a neutral tone or bold hue.

According to the experts, wall panelling is more than just another fad, as it is here to stay. It is not only easy to create but also creates a homely and traditional feel to your bedroom, adding personality and character to the bedroom.

The bedroom is one part of your house that should always be noticed during interior design planning. If your box of imagination is empty and no new idea is popping up, you can take inspiration from the above-mentioned interior design trends.