Buying a Farmhouse Sink & Apron Sink: How to Choose Wisely

Buying a Farmhouse Sink & Apron Sink: How to Choose Wisely

Have you been doing your best to design the kitchen of your dreams? Whether you have a brand new home to decorate and furnish, or you’re simply remodeling the kitchen in your existing house, one thing is absolutely for sure. Choosing the right sink will be one of your main responsibilities in the process.

If you’ve decided to go for an apron sink also known as a farmhouse sink, it means you’ve most likely done your reading on the benefits of that particular item. Designed to keep you more comfortable while washing the dishes, as well as to protect your cabinets from water and soap, it’s not a surprise that these are so appealing to most people nowadays. Not to mention that there are various designs to choose among, meaning you’ll undoubtedly get to find something that suits your stylistic preferences.

So, you’re familiar with the advantages of the farmhouse sink, and you now want to add it to your home. Does that mean you’re ready to go shopping right away? Or, are there some other things you should consider before grabbing the wallet and paying for one of these items?

I suppose you know the answers to those questions. Basically, rushing into making a purchase is never a good idea. Therefore, taking the time to consider all the important factors before making your final decision is a must, and below I’ll tell you about the steps to take towards making that perfect choice.


1. Consider the Size

The size is one of those factors that everyone will remember to check, simply because they have to find something that fits in with the rest of their kitchen design. Especially if you’re just changing the sink without doing any kinds of other renovations, you’ll need to be quite careful about the size. Even if building a completely new kitchen, though, you’ll still have to keep the size in mind, aiming at choosing the right one for you.

This could help select the right size:

Now, farmhouse kitchen sinks come in a variety of widths as well as depths. If the cabinets around and under the sink are dictating the size, and they usually are, you’ll have to take the correct measurements before you go shopping. Keeping the measurements in mind will help you avoid getting the wrong size and not being able to fit the sink in your space.

2. Decide Between Single and Double Bowl

Depending on your personal preferences, you’ll have to decide between a single and a double bowl design. While some people prefer a single bowl, as it gives them more space to handle large pans and pots, others like being able to do two separate things at the same time, which is what the double bowl design allows for. Both designs have their advantages, and it is up to you to decide what you want.

3. Think About the Style

Speaking of things that depend on your personal preferences, style is certainly among them. When choosing the style, you’ll have to consider not only the materials but also the finish and colors. Furthermore, there could even be small variations in the shapes of these products, so that’s another thing to keep in mind. This should further help you make the best choice.

When thinking about the style, it is important for you to keep the entire kitchen in mind. Choosing a sink that you’ve fallen in love with but that doesn’t exactly fit in with the overall style will lead to regrets. So, be careful which style you’ll fall in love with, and always remember the cabinets and the look of your whole kitchen, aiming at choosing a sink that will fit in perfectly.


4. Find a Few Different Shops

If you’ve done a lot of thinking already regarding the style, the colors, the single and double bowl design, as well as the general size of the sink, you’ll be ready to start shopping. This, however, is also a process that will take a while, so do yourself a favor and don’t rush into anything. Put differently, you’ll have to be quite cautious regarding the shops you’ll choose to purchase from, as they won’t all be able to provide you with the quality you are after.

Perhaps the most important thing to do when checking out different shops is to determine their legitimacy. This way, you’ll avoid scams, and you won’t be tricked into making certain purchases that won’t be right for you. Plus, checking the overall reputation of the shops you’re considering and reading reviews that the past clients have left will give you a clearer idea of the quality of their farmhouse sinks and their services in general.

5. Compare Their Selection of Products

Since you’ve spent some time thinking about how to choose a farmhouse sink for you, it means you’ll now have a few designs in mind already. Thus, you’ll need to check the selection of products provided by different shops, aiming at figuring out which stores can provide you with what you need and which ones may be lacking in this aspect. No need to settle for anything here because you’ll absolutely get to find the design and style you’re looking for, as long as you take the time to search in various shops and compare the products. Of course, while comparing them, you should always keep quality a part of the equation since you want to get the best value for your money.

6. And Their Prices

Since I’ve mentioned money, let me tell you about another thing you’ll absolutely have to check before making this choice. The prices. All of the shops you’ll find will dictate their own prices, and while some will be reasonable, others can be quite high. It is your responsibility to check and compare those costs while keeping quality in mind at all times so that you can find the perfect solution. Getting informed on how much these sinks usually cost will give you a clear idea on what the best ratio between quality and price is, which will make the choosing process easier.