Ceiling Leaks Are A Major Cost For Apartment Owners

Apartment owners out there, this article is for you. Did you know that recent studies have found that up to thirty-four percent of all apartments suffer from waterproofing defects. Such defects have caused owners thousands of dollars in damage and restoration efforts. In fact, water leakages in apartments are much more difficult to handle than that of seepages in singular private properties. As such, apartment owners are often left frustrated at the difficulties in preventing and dealing with such problems. To aid owners, this article aims to highlight the risks that apartment buildings face with regards to water leakages and what can be done to alleviate them.

From the onset, high rise apartment buildings are complicated structures that are affected by a range of forces. Poor design, materials and faulty workmanship would obviously cause buildings to be more vulnerable to water leakages. For example, if drainage paths are not clearly designated and designed, water will inevitably accumulate in areas within the building’s structure. Additionally, even when designed well, physical obstructions left by residents or inhabitants of the building may negate the drainage systems.

Water leakages in apartment buildings are also very difficult to spot or to trace to. Due to the vast size of the structure and the numerous components, the initial entry point of water may be far away from where the leak becomes visible. As such, an individual apartment may be experiencing a pipe leak, but due to how water travels down a path of least resistance, the actual accumulation of the water may occur behind the walls of another apartment.

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Nonetheless, assuming that no individual apartment suffers from internal leakages, a common cause of water seepages is linked to balconies constructed above a unit. Since balconies are constantly exposed to weather elements and rain, a poor sealing job or a loose tile would allow water to start penetrating the building. From this point, according to studies, most water leakages lead to damage against apartments below the leaking balcony, leaving the unknowing owners with large repair bills.

Water creates a moist climate in areas around the building that is conducive for mold to grow within. Over time, the building structure is slowly weaken and eventually the integrity is compromised. Additionally, should electrical circuits or appliances be exposed to the penetrating water, an increased risk of short circuit situations is likely to arise. If you suspect that your apartment has a leak, you should immediately get a waterproofing company to inspect your building. Delaying will lead to increased accumulation of water, that could cause catastrophic damage to your apartment’s structure.

To prevent major water damage, apartment owners should hire water leakage solutions Singapore companies to perform balcony sealing, roof maintenance, external surface maintenance and building inspections.