Chainsaw Buying Guide

Chainsaw Buying Guide

Welcome to the chainsaw buying guide 2020. To be very honest with you, chainsaws are the same for more than 4 decades. Yes, the engines or batteries are more powerful now and the built materials are lighter. Still, it’s an overwhelming task to choose one of the best chainsaws; especially if you are a beginner. Keep in mind that they are also very dangerous in the wrong hands. But, no need to worry because we have some of the basic factors that you should check before buying a chainsaw.

How will you use a chainsaw?

If you own a small garden or you are going to use a chainsaw occasionally, then an electric version will be suitable. The situation changes when you have to deal with medium or large-sized trees or you own a large garden. For commercial or high duty requirements, you should consider a petrol machine-like ParkerBrand 62cc 20-inch chainsaw.

Considerable features

Guide Bar length

Measurable between the tip of the chain and the point where it enters the casing. The bar length is an active cutting area or maximum size of wood a chainsaw can cut in one pass. You can also cut wide wooden pieces using a small chainsaw. Yes, you have to cut it in a couple of passes.

Homeowners should choose a chainsaw with bar length up to 14 inches. For medium grade usage, you can try a machine with a bar length between 16 to 20 inches. If you are a professional or you are considering a chainsaw for commercial usage, try a tool with more than 20 inches of bar length.

 Sound level

Are you living in a residential colony wherein you are going to use a chainsaw more than every second weekend? Try an electric model, because it will be quiet than a petrol version. It’s right because petrol propelled chainsaws are very powerful and can tackle anything. It’s the reason why such machines can create a ruckus while you are cutting some branches.

Carbon emissions

We should always think about the environment and other human beings while considering one of the power tools. Talking about a chainsaw, petrol propelled engine could be a source of air pollution. So, choose an electric chainsaw like Makita UC4041A/2 that can deliver great power, Click here for reviews on woodworking tools. but at the same time its greener than petrol versions.


What type of garden do you own? If you have a small area with lots of trees or plantations, then it could be dangerous to use a corded chainsaw. The power cable might get caught in between the branches or bushes that can be potentially harmful for the user. So, cordless chainsaw like Ryobi OCS1830 could the best solution for such a situation. Visit Gardengrower for the best cordless chaisaw reviews.

Weight and ergonomics

What is the weight you can easily carry for a long time? A 6 kg chainsaw might feel lightweight. But can you hold and use it continuously for 30 minutes? Make the decision based on your ability and limitations. Apart from that, a chainsaw should be easy and comfortable use. Look for a model with an ergonomic grip and balanced weight. In other words, try to invest in a well-designed product that you can use conveniently.

Anti-vibration mechanism

Some of the chainsaws come with a vibration dampening system that enhances your comfort level and allows you to work for prolonged hours. If a machine is vibrating too much then it can lead to numb hands and the even worse result could be Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).


Petrol chainsaws need regular maintenance including replacement of spark plug and air filter. Chain tightening is required by all the version for productive cutting results. When chain catcher stud breaks, it also needs a replacement. So, choose a petrol mower only when you are serious about your tress and you have a big area to maintain. On the contrary, electric models are easy to maintain, but are good for light usage.


Using a chainsaw improperly might result in injuries or even death. So, wear safety gears while you operate such a machine. If you a first time user, then read the descriptions carefully. For any of the cutting procedures that looks difficult, hire a professional before you damage something.