Chlorine Tablets vs. Chlorine Powder

Having a sparkling clear and sanitized swimming pool is a dream of every pool owner. Luckily, we have chlorine at our sides to get rid of impurities such as algae, bacteria, and waterborne diseases. Chlorine products come in varying shapes and form such as chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine, and chlorine powder. Each type of product has distinct chlorine composition, method of use, and results. However, in this article, we shall cover only the two most widely used forms that are chlorine tablets and chlorine powder. We at the Pool Support, will try to differentiate between the two and let you decide which one is right for your pool.

What Is A Chlorine Tablet?

As the name suggests, chlorine tablets are basically chlorine shaped into a disc-like tablet structure. These tablets are highly concentrated and are composed of 90 percent chlorine. Due to their rigid structure, they take a while to dissolve completely. You might require a source to help you with dispersing the chlorine tablet across the pool.

What Is Chlorine Powder?

Chlorine crushed into discrete granular particles form chlorine powder. This powdered form has a 60 percent composition of chlorine. Moreover, chlorine powder get dissolves more quickly and do not require any secondary medium to help with the dispersion across the pool.

Differences Between Chlorine Tablets And Chlorine Powder

  • How To Use

As mentioned above, chlorine tablets are normally not subjected to the pool directly. Instead, they are to be used with some aiding medium that will help the chlorine tablets to disperse in the pool water. Skimmers, floating dispensers, and automatic chlorinator can do the job in this regard.

On the other hand, chlorine powder can be added to the pool directly. Due to their granular form, chlorine powder dissolves more quickly in the water. You can simply drop some quantity of chlorine powder randomly across different regions of the pool.

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  • Controlling The Chlorine Level

It is much easier to control the chlorine level in the pool when using chlorine powder. That is because we can variably select the amount of chlorine powder to add as it is already in powdered form. Meanwhile, a chlorine tablet comes in a rigid compact form and adding a whole of it might increase the chlorine levels too much. Also, chlorine tablets allow us to control the chlorine level much faster.


  • Effect On The Ph Level

As a swimmer, we would not want to swim in the water of higher acidity. That is why we always adjust the pH level of the water to a neutral measure of 7.2-7.6 pH. However, chlorine itself is acidic by nature. As mentioned above, chlorine tablets are 90 percent composed of chlorine while chlorine powder has only 60 percent chlorine composition. This means chlorine tablets are more acidic than its counterpart. Therefore, to maintain a healthy pH level, it is better to use chlorine powder as it is less acidic than chlorine tablets.

  • Cost

Chlorine tablets are a more inexpensive option as compared to chlorine powder. However, which of them is more cost-efficient is another debate. At the same amount of money, you get more chlorine tablets than chlorine powder.


Observing from the above information, we can conclude that chlorine powder surpasses its counterpart when it comes to getting faster results and better control over the chlorine level. However, with less cost, chlorine tablets still enjoy wide recognition among pool owners. Which one suits you better is just a matter of choice.