Cold Water In The Shower? Here Are Four Signs Your Boiler Is Malfunctioning

Boilers help families experience comfortable living in their houses. In winter or when the weather is cold, boilers heat the water used in taking a shower or bath. When family members are stressed, they can take a quick hot bath or an hour-long hot bath to relax their muscles and rejuvenate their aching bodies. Boilers have such an essential role in our daily functions. However, much like us, boilers are not perfect, so they can always malfunction. When they malfunction, families become vulnerable to danger. At such times, you may need to replace your boiler. Listed here are signs to detect a malfunctioning boiler.

Releases smell of sulphur

Most boilers have their detection system whenever they are malfunctioning. One of these systems involves putting sulphur in the gas that enables heating of the water. When you smell an egg-like scent coming from the boiler, it is most likely that there are leaks within the boiler or other parts of the plumbing and heating system. In this case, you should contact a plumber right away and have your boiler fixed. Do not use your boiler for the meantime.

Makes strange noises

Boilers usually make a humming sound, and you can hear this after a few days of using the equipment. So, when it makes strange noises like screeches, you might need to have your boiler checked by a plumber. Most likely, the problem lies with the water flow and electrical circuits inside. If neglected, a malfunctioning boiler can cause a fire.

Forces bills to increase

Your boiler may not be as efficient as it was before; this could result in your bills starting to rise, reaching an unreasonable amount that you might find difficult to pay. Your boiler possibly now consumes more electricity when heating as some of its circuits are probably malfunctioning. Water bills can also rise if a plumber does not immediately repair a leak within the water system.

Leaks water

A boiler can leak water when its pipes inside do not have a secure and watertight connection with one another. The leak can cause further damage to the boiler as it can cause short circuits within its electrical set-up when the water meets the capacitors inside. A leaky boiler can also be the cause of increasing water bills.

Does not turn on

All types of equipment malfunction when they do not turn on, so this problem also applies to boilers. When your boiler does not turn on, it is most likely that the power button has been damaged by a leak or a burnt electrical component. In this case, you need to avail of boiler service. Thankfully, you can find this service online.

Without a boiler, living in a household can become very uncomfortable. In a cold climate, you will have no means to have a hot bath or shower so you can relax your muscles and rejuvenate your body. You need to keep an eye on your boiler to prevent it from malfunctioning.