Consider Trendy New Doors

Consider Trendy New Doors

If you’re limited on space, barn doors are an excellent design element for your home. Homes with ample space can also benefit from the decorative features that a barn door can introduce into a home’s decor. Whether you have a country rustic interior design or a more modern design, barn doors can be a perfect fit for any room in your home.

The size of your barn door is essential in space planning. Since barn doors are an excellent way to save on floor space, it is important to incorporate a door that fits the size of the wall and the room that it is intended to decorate. If you are looking to incorporate a barn door design in a room that is extremely limited on space, you can consider using bypassing barn doors. Installing barn doors using bypassing sliding door hardware allows you to overlap each door panel allowing one side of the opening to be accessible at a time. These doors can be used to define a space or to create separation within a room.

A great example of this is using a barn door design feature to separate a master suite from a sitting area. In the living area, this cozy design feature can be used to separate your family living area from the kids’ playroom. Overall, barn doors add a rustic and warm design feature to a room while providing functionality.

Barn doors in the kitchen

There are a number of ways barn doors can be used in the kitchen. One of the obvious ways is using them for a pantry area. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home, this is an excellent way to introduce an extra layer of coziness and warmth to this space. Other ways to utilize barn doors in the kitchen is in the cabinetry. You can create a totally different design element by incorporating a barn door feature underneath your countertops for your cabinetry. A barn door design in an island space would add interest and introduce a unique design feature for your kitchen.

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The bedroom decor

In the bedroom area, the obvious choice for a barn door is the closet space. As mentioned before, barn doors are an excellent way to save on floor space. If you are installing a barn door in a bedroom that has limited space, you could utilize that design feature for functionality as well as a focal decorative piece in your bedroom. If you have a bedroom that is large in size, using barn doors to create separation between the bedroom and a sitting room is another design feature that can be implemented. Using these doors for a bedroom loft area would be the perfect design element for a smaller space.

Barn doors for the boudoir

Barn doors for the bathroom is another design element worth mentioning, especially if you have a bedroom that has an en-suite bathroom. Using these doors is a great way to separate your bedroom from your bathroom. It provides a unique and warm decorative element and is functional at the same time.

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The space factor

Aside from the decorative element, the space savings using barn doors can help you eliminate the stress and worry of how you’re going to implement the design for your home. When we come up with a design concept in our minds, it can often be derailed by the lack of space in our homes. Barn doors can help anyone struggling with space during their design project and can implement a rustic or modern feel into the decor. Barn doors are also cost-efficient. If you are limited on space, installing pocket doors may not be an option that you can handle financially. With a few pieces of hardware and a beautiful door panel, you can create a door for your space that is beautiful and functional.

There are a number of ways to incorporate barn doors into your home decor. Whether you’re designing your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, using barn doors can provide space savings and introduce new design elements that are eye-catching and cost-efficient. They are also excellent if you are looking for a decorative way to create separation between rooms. With a little bit of imagination and a lot of desire for design, you can quickly and efficiently incorporate these beautiful design features into any space.