Custom Frameless Shower Doors: What To Know Before Installing

Custom Frameless Shower Doors: What To Know Before Installing

Custom frameless glass shower doors can convey a new element of beauty and sophistication to any bathroom space. They are sleek and are easier to maintain than traditional framed showers.

Many homeowners who renovate their bathrooms opt for this type because frameless walls make it possible not only to open up confined areas but also to create openness in tight spaces where others may feel confining or cramped.

There are many reasons to consider when looking for shower doors, but you must think about your style and preferences.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution because each person has a different opinion on what is aesthetically pleasing or functional in their bathroom space.

Custom frameless glass door installations can transform any décor by providing an open feeling without sacrificing privacy like other types of enclosures do.

However, there needs consideration before making such investments as not every home will benefit from this type of design centerpiece installation.

This article will provide you with information you should know when installing frameless shower doors and what to expect if you decide to install them.

Frameless Shower Glass

Why do numerous homeowners choose to upgrade their bathrooms with frameless shower doors? Are these even worth the cost? Its aesthetic allure and high level of functionality that leads Americans to say yes to installing them.

The reality is that fully frameless showers offer what framed doors cannot: an unrestrained view of your tile, elimination of niches and gaps that make cleaning easier, and an open, airy ambiance that is beyond your expectations by other enclosures.

What To Expect When Installing Frameless Doors

Frameless shower doors can bring a new element of beauty and sophistication to any bathroom in your house. They are elegant and help create a sense of an airy and open bathroom that is space-restricted.

And it is also convenient to maintain and clean compared to the traditional framed shower doors. These are one of the few reasons why people choose frameless glass shower doors when renovating.

There are indeed advantages to choosing frameless glass shower doors. Custom frameless shower doors on the Treasure Coast can transform the look and function of the bathroom.

However, it is essential to think if these doors are right for your decor and personal associations. Keep reading to learn more about frameless glass installments.

1. Determine Shower Configuration

Bathrooms are like people. They are uniquely made and structured. Except when you buy a house in subdivisions, it is most likely that you have similar bathrooms. However, in most cases, it is up to you how to design each space with different configurations.

Where do you plan to place your shower area? Will it be in the corner, center, or a separate area? It will be a great factor that can help you decide which glass you need in your shower area.

Aside from all these, panels are among the crucial things you also need to consider. How many panels will there be? How do you want your door to be attached? Do you prefer framed glass shower doors? Or a frameless shower door design would suit your taste better?

Remember that glass manufacturers need this info to customize your glass needs.

2. Measure Up The Dimensions

Here is the tricky part. You will need to provide your glass manufacturer with the dimensions and measurements that are accurate enough for them to work on.

For you to determine the best shower dimensions that you most likely feel comfortable with, measure the shower area with your arms outstretched as you turn around. This procedure will help you know how much space you are comfortable with when using your shower.

Typical shower dimensions are 2”x32” and 48”x 36”. If you prefer a bigger bathroom space, consider a 60”x36” size. If you still want to add more fixtures, like a bench, opt for a larger size. If you have steam in your showers, the recommended height must be at least 8 feet.

3. Identify Glass Type and Thickness

Shower glass doors are typically made out of tempered or reinforced glass. It is because it is strong and sturdy while still being safer when broken than annealed or standard types.

With modern shower doors made of laminated tempered glass, you can be assured that they will never break.

Made to be the most durable type of safety glass available and with two layers securely sandwiching an interlayer between them all together for maximum strength in any situation.

4. Tint

Tints can come in handy, especially for bathrooms with multiple users. With tinted shower doors and panels, you can customize the level of privacy your showers will have, which is great if one person wants room while someone else may need less space.

There’s a variety of options for designing your windows, and one choice is whether or not they are tinted. The tinting reduces the amount of light that enters into an interior space.

It can be good if you want fewer energy costs with heating. One thing to consider when looking at designs, though some people may think frosted glass looks better than clear ones because it has cleaner lines.

5. Determine What Edge Work You Prefer

The glass edgework in your shower door not only amplifies a clean look but also secures your safety. Remember that bathrooms are the wet areas of the house where accidents can happen, so they need to have these protective features.

6. Framed or Frameless

The frame on a shower glass door is considered more secure and safe. It has frames that hold up the glass, preventing it from breaking when you bump into them or anything else in your bathroom.

Frameless offers a sleek and clean design that is best for showcasing your tile work, fixtures, or other bathroom accessories. It is also easier to keep clean because there are no molds anywhere on the mirror frame.

If you are looking for a custom glass shower door, there is more than the design that should be considered. Make sure to get high-quality material and installation services.

Live in Style

Custom frameless shower doors are great for those looking to add a unique and stylish element to their bathroom.

However, you must take the time necessary before making this investment so that not only will your chosen design work well with other features but also be functional enough when used every day.

The installation of a frameless glass shower enclosure is an investment that will provide you with years worth, if not generations, upon returning to its original state.

For more information on things like materials and design, consultations, contact Coastal Closets and Showers today.