A Definitive Guide on Turning Your Bathroom Environmentally Friendly Yet Looking Luxurious

An eco-friendly bathroom, apart from its sustainable features, can now look grand even without the sparkling lacquer-looking marble tiles and ceramics. And since switching to a greener living means dumping all expensive chemical-infused products, environmentally pleasing bathroom also means less money to spend.

However, to renovate one’s bath space is a laborious and for some, a tedious task to complete. It is true especially if one does not know where to start and what kind of materials to purchase. If you are thinking of a glamorous upgrade or just a simple one, here are some tips that can guide you what to do to create a sustainable bathroom for your family.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Toilet and Bidet

The first thing to do when switching to the ecologically beneficial bathroom is to dump your old toilet. The traditional one apart from it is already timeworn, is usually not low-flow. To help in conserving water, replace it with one that is low-flow and cover it with a biobidet seat. Low-flow toilets are efficient when it comes to saving water. It only allows 3 liters of water per flush compared to the traditional one who can take up over 10 liters of water per flush. Rather than sticking to the old one, upgrade it with something that can offer excellent benefits to the environment.

Use Less Water

Based on a study, the bathroom has the highest water-consuming part of the house aside from the kitchen. Each person consumes 80-100 gallons per day, and if one household has five persons, it will then be a total of 450-500 gallons per day. To make your bathroom a sustainable space, incorporate fixtures and appliances that can help in saving water. You can replace your old faucet with one that has a motion sensor to aid in regulating the needed amount of water. And this is helpful especially for the kids who, sometimes, forget to turn the faucet off. It won’t just help the environment, but it can also help in lowering your water bill in a modern and high-tech way.

Be Sure You Have a Centerpiece

One great way to add accent to any interior is to put a focal point. The focal point or the centerpiece is that eye-pleasing ‘apple of the eye’ that stands out from other things that are inside the room. For bathrooms, bathtubs are usually the focal point. But sometimes, other homeowners prefer pendant lightings over it.

Turn Your Floor Green

A sustainable bathroom is not eco-friendly if you won’t turn your floor green. Turning your floor green means ditching unsustainable materials such as marble tiles to replace it with sustainable ones such as bamboo, wood floors, linoleum, and recycled floors. For recycled-floors, you only need to look for floorings that are from recycled materials like glass and clay. Just keep in mind that imagination is always the limit, so when it comes to designing, make sure to give your best shot to create an eco-friendly yet elegant hotel-like bathroom.

When it comes to necessities, convenience, function, and aesthetics are not the only goal. These days, especially that the effects of global warming are becoming rampant, it is critical that every household must consider ditching their old traditional bathroom and instead upgrade it to a much more sustainable and environmentally beneficial bath space.