Delancey Real Estate: Dedicated to Innovation

Delancey Real Estate: Dedicated to Innovation

Delancey Real Estate leverages more than two decades of experience investing and creating long term value for investors through real estate asset management and advisory services. The company invests in property developments, real estate investments and related enterprises on behalf of family offices, endowments and global institutions, with the UK specialist creating value from real estate by leveraging innovative strategies, industry relationships and its extensive transactional experience.

 A proponent of innovation throughout the UK real estate development and asset management sector, Delancey Real Estate recognises that various political, economic and environmental factors have triggered fundamental change in the UK real estate industry. Delancey Real Estate recognises that traditional estate management methods must be adapted to meet evolving consumer expectations and needs. To achieve this, Delancey Real Estate has established its own in-house innovation team, which focuses on creating value throughout client investments and estates by leveraging the power of new platforms and technologies. 

Katie Thackery joined Delancey Real Estate in 2010. She benefits from more than 20 years’ experience of commercial property. Today, Katie serves as the company’s Director of Innovation. An alumna of Oxford University’s Strategic Innovation programme, her role at Delancey Real Estate focuses on investigating and sourcing innovations and trends in the property sector for implementation across client estates. Prior to joining Delancey Real Estate, Katie Thackery worked at DTZ, the company that was subsequently relaunched as Cushmans. In her time with DTZ, Katie held roles in asset management and investment, supporting clients by providing advice surrounding asset enhancing opportunities, disposal techniques, cost reduction and client portfolio analysis, as well as exploring investment opportunities centring around future prospects to unlock potential value. 

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Delancey Real Estate’s Innovation Workshop was launched in October 2022. The aim of the initiative was to bring businesses together and encourage the sharing of current innovations surrounding property, services, technologies, products and governance, etc. Each platform is staged for approximately 10 minutes, exploring the different innovations occurring in different businesses and sectors, followed by a Q&A session and discussion. 

In November 2022, Delancey Real Estate presented the Senior Women’s Event. Recognising the tangible benefits presented by cross collaboration between platform businesses, the Senior Women’s Event brought together directors and those in other leadership roles with the aim of encouraging networking, opening communication channels and encouraging delegates to establish connections for future utilisation to drive efficiency and growth. The event was also designed to help attendees identify routes for collaboration, encouraging all to recognise unanticipated opportunities – not only for their own businesses but also for those across other platforms too. 

Commencing at The Tomb Raider Experience in the London Borough of Camden, the Women’s Platform Event saw teams from Delancey Real Estate, Plexal, Get Living, Alpha Plus Group, NW1, The Earls Court Development Company and Here East participating in a series of puzzles. The exercise was designed to encourage bonding, with participants working together and testing their problem-solving skills. 

Subsequently, delegates at the Women’s Platform Event were invited to participate in two hours of networking, with the 22 attendees filling their companions in on their respective roles and backgrounds, helping participants to identify common themes while promoting the sharing of ideas. 

Reflecting on the Women’s Platform Event, Katie Thackery said it was great to come together and get to know one another better, pointing out that it helped attendees to identify where opportunities could exist to collaborate or just share ideas.