Descanso Gardens: A Paradise for Nature Lovers

Descanso Gardens: A Paradise for Nature Lovers

Nestled within Southern California’s urban core is Descanso Gardens: an unparalleled testament to nature’s splendor. Boasting an impressive collection of plant life, serene landscapes and immersive experiences – Descanso Gardens has become a beloved spot among both locals and visitors. In this article, we will journey through Descanso Gardens’ wonders together; covering its history, attractions, seasonal highlights and unique experiences it provides.

Descanso Gardens are an idyllic botanical wonderland situated on over 150 acres in La Canada Flintridge, just a short drive from Downtown Los Angeles. Since opening their doors to visitors back in 1953, these lush gardens have become an oasis for nature enthusiasts, families, photographers and anyone seeking relief from city life.

Historical Significance

Once owned by E. Manchester Boddy, this property was transformed from a commercial camellia garden into a public haven of natural beauty. Aptly named “Descanso,” which translates to Spanish for “rest,” these gardens offer visitors a peaceful place where they can escape daily stressors and recharge.

Attractions and Highlights in Las Cruces.

Rose Garden: Descanso’s Rose Garden is truly spectacular, boasting thousands of rose bushes in vibrant colors and fragrances to provide an exquisite visual and aromatic experience for visitors during spring and early summer months. A truly romantic and memorable visit!

Japanese Garden: The Japanese Garden provides a peaceful retreat with its soothing ponds, carefully pruned trees and traditional architectural features that capture both aesthetics and philosophy of Japanese gardening. This area truly epitomizes Japanese gardening!

California Natives: At Descanso Gardens, we recognize and appreciate California’s rich natural diversity by featuring an entire section dedicated to California’s native flora and highlighting it to visitors. This special tribute serves as a testament to how essential it is that we protect and showcase this extraordinary floral treasure of our state.

Camellia Collection: The legacy of the original camellia garden continues, as evident by an impressive array of camellia varieties that bloom during winter and add vibrant hues to this colder season.

Oak Woodland: The Oak Woodland area provides a peaceful space that highlights native oak trees and their key role in the ecosystem, making it the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll or moments of quiet reflection.

Art Installations: Descanso Gardens offers stunning art installations that blend in seamlessly with their natural surroundings, adding an intellectual and creative element to the garden experience.

Seasonal Magic

Descanso Gardens transforms with every passing season, offering visitors a different view with each visit.

Spring Blossoms: Descanso Gardens comes alive during spring with stunning displays of cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils that create an eye-catching tapestry of colors; photographers and flower enthusiasts love taking advantage of this season for photography opportunities and floral enthusiast activities.

Summer Vibrance: As summer progresses, gardens blossom with vibrant blooms and lush greenery – especially Camellia Forest and Oak Woodland areas!


Autumn Elegance: The vibrant fall leaves provide stunning scenes for leisurely strolls through both Japanese and Rose Gardens.

Winter Charm: Descanso Gardens’ camellias provide a welcome splash of color against its cooler surroundings, offering the ideal place to unwind on cold afternoons with their tranquil ambience! They make for the ideal stop when visiting on an enjoyable winter day!

Head for Magic In “Enchanted”, Descanso Gardens transform into exotic settings and elicit a sense of wonder during an annual evening event known as “Enchanted”.

Workshops: The Gardens offer various programs and workshops designed to bring nature into closer proximity with visitors, including gardening, photography and art classes.

Descanso Gardens offer many activities designed for families, such as the Sturt Haaga Gallery, nature exploration backpacks and The Nature’s Table family program. Gardens make great places for restful getaways for both parents and children.

Plan Your Visit: Descanso Gardens are open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily with discounted admission for students, seniors and children. Admission prices also differ based on each category – students receive special pricing as do seniors and young visitors.

Descanso Gardens provides educational tours that introduce guests to its history, plant life, and unique characteristics.

Photography: While amateur and professional photographers alike will undoubtedly capture some stunning photographs, professional photography requires advance approval and an official permit from authorities.


One of Southern California’s crown jewels, Descanso Gardens is a tranquil sanctuary where visitors can find serenity amidst nature’s exquisite beauty. Visitors to Descanso Gardens experience an ever-evolving canvas of wonder and peace ranging from historical significance to seasonal variations.