DIY Home Makeover: How to Use Removable Wallpaper Like a Pro

DIY Home Makeover: How to Use Removable Wallpaper Like a Pro

The art of the DIY home makeover is sweeping across households worldwide. People are discovering the joys of transforming their living spaces into personalized sanctuaries, all with their own creative touch. At the core of this interior revolution is the versatile and transformative power of removable wallpaper. This article is your guide to becoming a pro at using removable wallpaper for a home transformation that will leave you in awe.

From installation tips to design inspiration, we’ll uncover the secrets to effectively using peel and stick wallpaper to enhance your living spaces. So, let’s begin this journey into the realm of removable wallpaper by CostaCover and discover how it can elevate your home decor in ways you never imagined.


Choosing the Right Wallpaper

Room Purpose: Begin by thinking about the room where you plan to install the peel and stick wallpaper. Different rooms have different purposes and aesthetics. For example, a vibrant, colorful wallpaper might work well in a children’s playroom but may not be suitable for a home office where you need a calm and focused atmosphere.

Color Palette: The color of your peel and stick wallpaper should harmonize with the existing color palette in your room. You can either choose a wallpaper that complements the colors already present or opt for one that contrasts for a striking effect. Remember that color can significantly impact the mood and perception of space.

Pattern and Design: Wallpaper comes in various patterns and designs, from traditional floral motifs to modern geometric shapes. Consider your personal style and the overall style of your home. Mixing different patterns can be done, but it requires careful coordination to avoid visual chaos.

Scale of the Pattern: The scale of the pattern on the removable wallpaper can influence how it looks in your space. Smaller patterns often work well in smaller rooms, while larger patterns can make a statement in more spacious areas. Consider the proportions of your room and how the pattern scale fits within it.

Maintenance and Durability: Depending on the room’s function, you may need wallpaper that is easy to clean and durable. In high-traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms, opt for washable and moisture-resistant wallpaper to ensure longevity.

Test Samples: Before committing to a full wall installation, order samples of your chosen wallpaper patterns to see how they look in your space. This step allows you to evaluate the colors, textures, and patterns in different lighting conditions.


Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect removable wallpaper, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a flawless installation process:

  • Start with a clean, dry, and smooth wall surface. Remove any dust, dirt, or imperfections.
  • Measure the dimensions of your wall and cut the wallpaper accordingly, leaving a bit of excess at the top and bottom for adjustments.
  • Begin at the top of the wall and slowly peel off the backing as you stick the wallpaper to the wall. Use a squeegee or a flat, smooth object to eliminate air bubbles and creases.
  • If your temporary wallpaper has patterns, make sure to align them properly for a seamless look.
  • Once the wallpaper is in place, carefully trim the excess from the top and bottom using a sharp utility knife.
  • Go over the entire surface with a clean, dry cloth or sponge to ensure a tight bond. Pay extra attention to the edges and corners.
  • After a few hours of drying time, step back and admire your transformed space.


Caring for Your Wallpapered Walls

Your DIY home makeover is complete, and your space is now adorned with stunning self adhesive wallpaper. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining its beauty and the hassle-free removal process when it’s time for a change:

Dust and dirt can accumulate over time. Gently wipe the wallpaper with a soft, damp cloth or sponge to keep it looking fresh. Stick to mild cleaning agents, as harsh chemicals can damage the adhesive and color. For minor stains, a mixture of water and mild soap should do the trick. Test it in an inconspicuous area first.

The Hassle-Free Removal Process

The day may come when you’re ready for a change in your home decor. Here’s how to bid farewell to your removable wallpaper with minimal fuss:

  1. Begin the removal process by gently lifting a corner or an edge of the wallpaper. Use a utility knife or your fingers to get it started.
  2. Once you have a grip, peel the wallpaper away from the wall at a 180-degree angle. Go slow to avoid tearing or damaging the wall beneath.
  3. If you encounter stubborn adhesive, a hairdryer set to low heat can help soften it. Wave the dryer back and forth over the section you’re peeling to make removal easier.
  4. Gradually work your way across the wall, peeling the wallpaper in the direction that feels most comfortable. It’s often easiest to peel downward.
  5. As you peel, the wallpaper should leave minimal residue. If you notice any adhesive remaining on the wall, it can be easily wiped away with warm, soapy water and a sponge.
  6. After removal, take a moment to inspect your wall for any minor imperfections. These can often be patched up with a bit of light sanding and touch-up paint.

Real-Life Makeover Success Stories

In the world of DIY home makeovers, nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done. Here, we share inspiring real-life photos of individuals who’ve transformed their living spaces using peel and stick wallpaper by CostaCover, leaving a lasting impact: