DIY Projects to Help Beat the Summer Heat

DIY Projects to Help Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is the most gorgeous time of the year. It is the time to bask in the sun, go on adventures, wear comfy summer dresses, and of course build exciting things. With the summer swiftly approaching, it’s time to ditch the air-conditioned indoors and simply float in the arms of nature.

But what about the scorching sun, you ask? There is certainly a solution for that – DIY projects that are designed to resist the sun and heat. No, these projects don’t have to be complicated. They may take a little bit of your time, but we promise they’re well worth the effort. When it comes to crafting outdoor DIY projects, PVC pipes are your best bet. Why? Among their countless benefits, PVC pipes are highly versatile, unbelievably affordable, and of course, ultra-durable. Here, we discuss four of the coolest DIY projects to beat the summer heat!

DIY Project 1: PVC Canopy

Most homeowners have backyards that remain isolated throughout the summers. But what if you could turn it into a cozy outdoor hangout spot by bringing in the coolness of a sunshade? This is where the use of a do-it-yourself PVC canopy comes in!

For the Canopy frame you’re going to need a 50-feet long 1 ¼” PVC pipe and four 1 ¼” Tees, 1 ¼ 90-degree elbows, and four 1 ¼” couplings. In addition, you’ll also need four large cans and of course, lots of cement mix. For the canopy cover, you’re going to need one queen size sheet and Velcro. Finally, the tools you’ll need include a ladder, measuring tape, PVC primer, PVC pipe cutters.

Ready to get to work? Start by filling the large cans with cement and inserting one 11” pipe towards the bottom of each can. Once the cement dries down, add a coupler to each pipe.

Next, assemble all the pipes, the couplings, and the tees to form a robust canopy structure. You can hop on to the “PVC Pipe Canopy for Backyard Shade” guide for detailed assembly instructions.

Once your frame is ready, it’s time to rock the canopy cover. Remember, the queen-size flat sheet will cover the frame from the front and the back. So, choose an artsy pattern that will reflect the summer vibes. Use a generous amount of Velcro (either adhesive or sew-in) to make sure the canopy stays in place.

DIY Project 2: PVC Mist System

Summers can be awesome if you know how to beat the sun! One of the many ways to do that would be to build a relaxing PVC mist system. For this DIY masterpiece, you’re going to need a PVC pipe (of ¾” and 6-foot length), a hose adapter, some misters, PVC cement, and pipe cap.

The Process:

  • Start with drawing a straight line along the length of the pipe. On this line, mark 5 points, with each point being at a distance of 12” from the other.
  • Now, start drilling holes on these pointers. Next, screw the misters in and make sure they face the same direction. Attach the cap on one side of the pipe and a hose adaptor to the other side.
  • Finally, attach the hose to the hose adapter. Turn it on and relax in the cool spray!

The misting system you build can either be attached on your porch ceiling or converted into a stand for a calming day out in the yard.

DIY Project 3: PVC Outdoor Shower for Kids

Summertime is the perfect time for your kids to have unlimited fun outdoors. A great way to keep your kids feeling active throughout the season would be to build them an outdoor shower. All you need for this project are some PVC pipes, a plastic barrel (of less than 25 gallons), strings, glue, and an old vacuum cleaner! The types of PVC pipes needed here include, one 45-degree pipe, one 80-degree pipe, and one 1” pipe of a height about six feet.

The Process:

  • Once your barrel is placed in position, it’s time to insert the shower pump. For this, you can take the hand pump off from your old lawn sprayer and lodge it into the barrel by using screws. Remember, the pump will only work if the barrel is fully sealed.
  • Next, drill a hole that matches the size of the fittings at about 3” from the bottom of the barrel.
  • Assemble the fittings and pipes with a PVC glue to form a “shower pole”. Remember, the 90-degree fitting would be fitted right into the bottom hole. To ensure the pipes stay in place and remain leak-proof, it’s important to use a PVC cleaner and plenty of glue.
  • Once the pipes are inserted into the barrel, it’s time to build a shower head to direct the water down. A great hack for this would be to get creative with some string and an old vacuum hose.

The DIY showerhead project is not only simple to build but also leaves plenty of room of customization and creativity. So, feel free to build it the way you want to, with any number of shower heads.

DIY Project 4: Garden Trellis

What better way to enjoy summertime than to do a little bit of gardening and enjoy the shade of your new, gorgeous plants? DIYing your own garden trellis is a perfect way to bring in the freshness of the season. All you need for this project include

  • Cedar wood of size 1×2, cut in eight-foot stripes.
  • Some stationery items (paper, pencil, and chalk).
  • A saw, a screwdriver, and some 1” exterior screws.
  • A posthole digger and a shovel.
  • Vining plants like sweet peas, Morning Glory, and black-eyed Susan vine.

The Process:

  • Draw a trellis grid on paper by taking the above dimensions into consideration to determine the number of cedar wood boards you’re going to need for your wall.
  • Lay one cedar board on the wall and use it as a guide to draw parallel lines with at least 6” of distance between each line. Now, draw the next set of lines that would be perpendicular to the first set.
  • With your grid now ready, it’s time to drill the screws wherever the boards intersect. Make sure that the boards are not loose.
  • Finally, dig post holes with a depth of 10”, insert your gorgeous-looking trellis grill, and pour in some gravel to fill the gaps, and plant your vining plants at the base!

These vines will not only light up the wall with a burst of color but also grow quickly!

A Final Word

So, there you have it – four of the most fun and relaxing DIYs to help you have a perfect outdoor summer experience. If you’ve already put on your shoes and feel like having a great day, it’s time to put your mind and hands to work, gather some PVC products, and build some super fun DIY projects!