Double Glazing – The Hidden Gem Of Your Home

In many homes across the country, there is a specific part of your home that helps to keep the home warm, provides lighting to enhance the interior appearance of your home, saves you money on energy bills, and even more fantastic benefits! You may not believe it, but this part of your home or property is your double glazed windows! Although double glazed windows may seem simple, they have many benefits that can enhance your life experience in your home. Without double glazing, your life could be surprisingly more difficult. Having no double glazed windows could invite uninvited sounds inside your house, deregulate your home’s temperatures and even more! In this blog post, we have covered many specific features of double-glazed glass and why they make double glazing the hidden gem of your home.

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazed glass is a type of window that has two layers of glass with a small space between them. It works by minimising to a limit the amount of heat energy that can transfer from one side of the window to the other through a convention. When a single side of the glass becomes hotter than the other, its molecules begin to rapidly vibrate. This causes a chain reaction that spreads through the solid pane of glass. The energy is then unable to pass through to the other side of the panel due to there being far fewer particles that transfer the energy. The effect is much more pronounced in more modern forms of double glazed units as insulating gases such as argon are used in between the two panes.

Double Glazing Regulates the Temperature of Your Home

Coming home after a day jam-packed full of activities on a hot summers day can leave you feeling exhausted. After one of these days, you’re going to need cool air in your home to relax and help you sleep better at night. Double glazing prevents excessive hot air from entering your home, keeping your home at a regulated temperature throughout the year. This process also works vice versa by preventing heat from leaving your home during the winter, meaning after a cold day, you can relax in the warm inside your home. This is due to the gap between the two panels of glass acting as an insulating layer. This extra insulation for your home is a clear example of how double glazing is a hidden gem. With this layer of insulation, it will save you money that you would have had to spend on heating your home. A regulated temperature will also allow you to sleep better and relax more, which is extremely important for your health and to reduce stress levels. More sleep and being able to relax more will provide you with better happiness and motivation, which benefits you in all parts of life.

Double Glazing Keeps Your Home Quiet

This benefit is especially for those who live in busier areas and would usually have to deal with noise pollution from parties, traffic, pedestrians, and more. The insulating layer in double glazing keeps your home quiet and relaxing by preventing noise pollution from entering your home. During summer months, it is common that your neighbours may host parties or family barbeques on nights where you would like to stay in and relax. With efficient double glazed glass, you can relax whilst the world remains active outside your window. Noise can prevent you from relaxing or can be distracting when doing something important, so again, double glazed glass that prevents noise pollution can help you to relax and greatly reduce your stress levels.

Double Glazing Allows Beneficial Natural Light Into Your Home

Double Glazing

Natural lighting has a variety of incredible benefits for you, your health, and your home. By owning double glazed glass on your home or property, you are allowing natural light to brighten up each room. Natural light in your home will prevent the need to use electrical lighting, which will save you money on your electricity bills. Not only this, but natural lighting can also bring the best out of your homes stunning interior design. Double glazed windows bring the best out of your homes interior design and give a stunning spotlight lighting feature for your living areas. Natural lighting also has much health benefits, such as boosting your vitamin D levels. When you are exposed to natural lighting, your body absorbs vitamin D. Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient that reduces the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers. Natural light can also ward off seasonal depression, which affects approximately 6 percent of the population. A common theme of why double glazing is a hidden gem in your home is the reduction of stress levels. This is why it is important to ensure your homes windows are double glazed.

Double Glazing Bristol

As it is that time of the year where we need to ensure our homes are warm and relaxing, it is vitally important to have double glazing windows in your home. If you do not currently own double glazed windows, contact Cornish Glazing for double glazing in Bristol. Cornish Glazing can provide you with exact scale double glazing units and install the units promptly. This blog was written by Ben Donne, who is the marketer for Cornish Glazing. Ben has a passion for the growth of businesses and inspiring people with his content.