Euro Containers | Everything you Need to know

Euro Containers | Everything you Need to know

Euro container is a stacking container with a standard based dimension to fit snugly on both UK, and Euro pallets and the other handling equipment like shelving wheeled dollies and conveyor. The Euro container’s standard was originally defined by the German association of the automotive industry but was later adopted into other manufacturing areas and the shipping industry.

Dimensions of Euro stacking containers

The most common size for Euro stacking containers is 600×400mm and 400×300mm, which can be stacked together to fill a Euro pallet of 1200×800mm. 

Totebox also offers a quarter size model of 300×200mm and a double size of 800×600mm containers. Totebox Euro stacking container allows the user to create a modular handler and the containers with a different base unit. They also have vertical sizes and a larger internal volume than stack nest crates.

What are the essences of using industrial plastic boxes?

Euro stacking containers are ideal for all manufacturing and service industries. The smooth sides of the Euro stacking containers promote hygiene and are easy to clean. This is why they are suitable for food production, pharmaceutical production and distribution. Non-food manufacturers use larger crates to handle and distribute products and components, while the smaller containers are used for small parts and fixing.

Stacking containers are available in a ventilated and reliable format. The ventilated crates are widely used for food handling applications. This is because the vented side promotes airflow in freezers and fridges and helps the content quickly to reach the desired temperature.

Some users prefer the ventilated container because they can visually check if the container is empty or full. Ventilated modules are a few hundred grams less than their solid equivalents, and they help reduce the cost of the fuel of a delivery vehicle and carbon footprint.

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How much can Euro stacking container carry?

Totebox is heavy-duty storage and rigid boxes in which each module carry a unit load of about 25kg and stack up to ten high, which is a combined load of 250kg. Some heavy-duty storage containers can take a load of about 50kg. Euro stacking container accessories include security seals, kids, card clips, dollies and dividers.

Containers with lids protect contents from dust, rain and other contamination. Totebox Euro stacker with attached hinged cannot be separated from the containers. They provide a degree of tamper-evident security when fitted with mini padlocks or ties. They are used for distributing high-value goods, and they offer many security seals and voidloc tamper-evident labels.

Totebox is identified by totebox card clips, which are simple clip at the top of the container rim. Some Totebox euro stacker features pin-dot area helps to remove the temporal label without leaving adhesive residue. The Totebox divider strips are available in four heights. They snap to size and interlock to divide Euro stacking containers into different components.

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