Excavators: Project Applications

Excavators: Project Applications

Excavators are in essence considered as heavy equipment despite the fact that there are numerous types of excavators that are as different as the types of tools in a toolbox. This is simply because, construction projects also vary significantly from one project to another and thus specific excavators are needed at times that are able to perform unique tasks.

Most of us are probably already conscious of the existence of mini excavators or compact excavators that weigh no more than 500kgs and the excavators that are often seen at mega construction sites that sport mega-sized excavators that weigh 50,000kgs.

Although, it is evident that size does play an integral role when it involves excavators, it is important to realise that size is not everything when it comes to excavators.

To begin with, let us put a big question to rest based on reality. When it involves choosing or deciding on the dimension of an excavator most standard excavators that may be commonly observe at most construction sites are capable of handling most construction related activities.

In general, standard excavators are appropriate and are able to handle both small and massive construction tasks without much hassle. These excavators that are usually available for hire are able to perform anything from demolition work, digging trenches to lay drainage systems, dredging, moving heavy material, and forestry work or even snow ploughing.

Most new excavator models come with hydraulic coupling systems that enable operators to attach just about any tool that could range from steel cutters, concrete breakers or even deep drillers.

Hence, it can be deemed that the standard excavator should be given priority before any other, unless the construction project has some unique requirements. ‘Unique requirements’ are a wide range of dos and don’ts that often come attached with projects.

For instance if the project is surrounded or even contains landscaped areas, the use of any large excavators that run on steel chains will be a definite ‘no-no’ and in these instances getting a mini excavator hire would be the best solution as some of these compact or mini excavators that are available for hire come with rubber tracks and are light enough not to damage landscaped ground.

The excavator hire machinery are also splendid machines to be used in places where space is a problem such as residential areas that have narrow back lanes or walkways that larger excavators will not even be able to fit.  Mini excavators are actually quite robust, powerful and agile and are actually capable of doing all the jobs that larger excavators are able to do at a smaller scale.

Another plus point about these little lean mean construction machines is that you never need to hire additional transportation to move them about as most pickup trucks farewell able to handle them and move them about.

Excavators are practical as they are able to accomplish tasks faster and much more efficiently than a group of workers. They are also cheaper to hire and easily available in major city areas where construction is generally the only constant.