Exciting Facts You Can Know About Poker

Exciting Facts You Can Know About Poker


Poker is the most popular card game in the world. The game has a huge player base – either online or live – where players enjoy playing poker with a poker bonus and fans love to watch it. It is because of the huge popularity that many websites appear every day to talk about poker game strategies, rules, facts and much more.

While you may think you know a lot about real money games like poker or a Teen Patti game, there will always be certain features that can slide under your radar once in a while. So, in this comprehensive guide, we will be talking about some very interesting facts about poker that you did not know about. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy reading “how to play poker online?”.

Bright Poker Facts You Didn’t Know

1. Poker Game Is Over A Thousand Years

Even though the poker we play today has its roots in the wild west (America), the real origins of the game are old. Poker is believed to have its roots back in the 10th century in China. The game was originally known as ‘As-Nas’.

Some people believe that poker originated in Persia and that initially, the card slot had only 20 cards. Therefore, all real poker games were played using 20 cards. Later, in the 1800’s, a 52-card deck was developed and became quite common.

2. Poker Has More Than 100 Different Types

If you are wondering how to play poker, you should know that in addition to the popular genres, poker has over a hundred genres. Notable are Pot Limit Omaha, Texas Hold’em and Seven Card Stud. However, all the others are not very popular so they need to be researched before you can start playing each of them.

So, choose the type of poker that best suits your style of play. You do not have to play poker if you are not happy.

3. The World Series of Poker Game Has Only Seven Players

In case you were unaware you should learn that the first World Series Of Poker game took place in the year 1970. The location was in Las Vegas, Texas, USA, and the location was Binion’s Horseshoe. The game had only seven players as poker was not popular in the general crowd at the time.

Since then, the number of poker players has grown several times around the world and today a large number of players take part in the World Series Of Poker game. The winner of the first World Series Of Poker match was Johnny Moss.

4. There is a famous saying in Poker ‘Chip & A Chair’

If you are used to watching poker tournaments, you have probably heard of the term – the chip and the seat needed to win. Well, such a phrase as the result of the most famous poker history back in the day.

The story goes that a famous poker player, named Jack Strauss, was once knocked out of a tournament he was playing and lost all his chips. However, when he got up from the table, he found one point hidden in his handkerchief. Soon Jack sat down on a chair and started playing with the one chip he had. As a result, she was able to win a contest for the final prize of $ 500,000.

5. World’s Largest Poker Tournament Held in 2015

In 2015, the biggest poker tournament ever (based on the number of competitors). The tournament includes more than 250,000 entries, at least five times the number of spectators that can be held on the football field.

6. In the 1990s, Poker Chips was introduced

Today and years, it’s hard to imagine a poker game without poker chips (especially in live format). However, it should be noted that poker chips were only introduced in the 1990s, as a perfect way to stop fraudsters in the game. Prior to the introduction of poker chips, players used a variety of small items such as cash, gold nuggets and more.

7. The Longest Poker Game That Has Worked For Eight Years

Long games are very common in poker, but eight years in length was overpowering. The play was held in Tombstone, Arizona, USA, at The Bird Cage Theater. The venue was known for being a gentle club, but a 24 × 7 poker game was held in the basement of the venue.

Based on various reports, the game has been in operation for 8 years, 5 months and 3 days in total. Players who loved to play had to pay around $ 1,000. The area was indeed brightly colored, but it was closed in 1889 because groundwater washes away much of the city (including the basement).


When it comes to making money online games like online poker or rummy, the more information you get about the game, the better your game will be. Always remember that in poker, the ability to read is great. There is no limit to what you can learn about poker, which is why making a master of poker can take almost a lifetime. We hope you enjoyed our writing and for more questions, contact us today.