Feminist Art Movement and its impacts on society

Feminist Art Movement and its impacts on society

Introduction of Feminist Movement

Feminist art movement is related to feminist movement which took place during 1960 to 1970. These were physical campaigns. In these campaigns women called for their rights. They raised their voice to make their issues clear which were about equal rights, diminishing domestic violence, maternity leave and so on. This movement became very         strong with the passage of time. There are three levels of this feminism: mainstream/liberal, radical and cultural. All these three levels define approach of feminist movement. Feminist workers get their hands together against the stereotype mentality of culture, in which female are considered to be place at secondary place and all rights for female are settled by males.

Feminist Art Movement

Feminism paved way for Feminist art movement. This art movement was launched internationally to make ample contributions of females in the field of art. Another purpose of this art movement was to raise issues related to female rights through the medium of art.  Louise Bourgeois and Eva Hesse are regarded as earliest feminist artists. Women got conscious about having their unique identity in the field of art after the publication of the essay ‘Why Have There Been No Great Women Artist?’ in 1971. In this essay the author of the essay Linda Nochlin discussed in detail about why women are pushed back by men socially and economically. She gave analysis about factors which were responsible to place women in second place in society. Feminist artists were conscious about sketching issues expressing female emotions and complications.

Characteristics of Feminist Art

Main subjects of feminist art are of course related to issue women face in everyday life due to male dominant society. Women artist tried to reconfirm the norms which were helpful in making society aware of their issues. Women artists worked on arts which made them separate from men like showing abilities in conceptual art and video, body painting and performance art. One of important characteristics of Feminist art movement was to provide proper place to women artist to exhibit their work. This movement worked to manage separate training courses for female artists and it also published art magazines and formed art organizations for women artist.

Famous Female Artists

Some famous female artists of every time are Paula Modersohn, Anna Hyatt Huntington, Gabriele Munter, Georgia O’Keeffe, Natalia Goncharova, Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler, Diana Arbus, Brdget Riley and so on.

Beautiful Paintings made by Women

In the 19th century Rosa Bonheur was recognized as the most popular painter of all the times. She introduced new scales in paintings. She had a great love for painting animals. She was really skillful in painting images which were nearer to real objects. Marry Cassatt was interested in painting women and kids in their most peaceful moments. She also practiced modern art painting differently with various mediums and materials. Frida Kahlo is another women artist who knows very well how to paint sufferings. She amazingly used folk art style to paint realism. Similarly Louise Bourgeois is well known for her abstract expressionism. Her main subjects of painting cover domestic affairs.

Impacts of Feminist art Movement on Society

Feminist art movement has deeply influenced society. Female issues are conveyed to society in an impressive manner through feminist art. They have proved that both genders are of utmost importance. So females should also be given equal rights. Feminist artists have proved that they are capable enough to perform very well in field of art so they cannot be considered inferior to men in any sense. Females are strong and capable enough to complete domestic tasks as well as fulfilling their professional interests.

Beautiful Paintings to Hang on Walls

Feminist artist have provided a great number of beautiful paintings which are worthy be hanged on your walls. You can buy paintings very easily. Online galleries have collections of amazing paintings by women artists. Just click one you like and have it.