Fencing, Shading & Screening: 3 Amazing Ways to Upgrade your Pool Area with Bamboo

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and durable material that is able to withstand various weather conditions. Its aesthetic appeal and functionality are added reasons for its uses to be rapidly discovered and adopted across the globe.

While this perennial grass has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, like in Japan where fencing with bamboo is a traditional art form, it is only recently that the uses of bamboo are growing in popularity in around the world.

The resurgence in demand for green sustainable materials has led to the rediscovery of natural sustainable materials for various home improvements. Today, it is a more environmentally conscious choice for a range of purposes from furniture, decorative accents to functional outdoor materials.

With that said, House of Bamboo, a leading provider of bamboo and other natural sustainable materials in Australia, presents three amazing ways to upgrade your pool area with bamboo. Read on.

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Bamboo fencing is a popular solution for adding privacy to an otherwise open pool area. It easily transforms the look and feel of a space for little cost. It’s one a fence that can do all from being functional by surrounding the area well and keeping your landscape completely green.

One of the many qualities that makes bamboo a viable option for fencing is its ability to reach full maturity in as little as 3 to 5 years compared to hardwood trees that take 20 years upward. Additionally, while it is actually a grass, bamboo can be much stronger than wood. It is also naturally resistant to termites and is a cost effective solution when cladding your existing fence.


Bamboo contemporary screen is another type of fencing that is increasing in popularity. This eco-friendly and versatile screen can be introduced as an additional fence to conceal your pool area from view. It also complies with the new fence pool regulations limiting footholds for children to climb.

Screens can define a space beautifully without becoming overly distracting. It has this contemporary look that makes it perfect to be utilized in other ways. These screens not only provide a beautiful backdrop to any pool it also can be used as elegant and functional privacy screens in any outdoor setting.


Bamboo and natural materials create a perfect shade solution from the hot sun. These come in a variety of sizes, tones, patterns and styles including to create the look you are after from Santorini to Bali inspired designs. The durability of bamboo and its ability to withstand many weather conditions make it a popular choice for shading.

These renewable shade solutions are ideal to dress up any outdoor area. Not only do they provide cover and privacy but also add natural elegance and ambience. Additionally, its versatility can easily blend with any existing décor to the space.

TIP: If you’re looking for a classy look, try layering bamboo shades under your existing pergola

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