Five Essential Packing Tips For A Quick Move

Five Essential Packing Tips For A Quick Move

We live in a fast-paced world where people are continually changing their homes and relocating to a new place. Be it a better job opportunity or moving close to your family, the reasons to move are endless.

However, the stress and anxiety of packing and organizing things supersede the happiness of getting a new home. Indeed, it is not an easy task. The pressure of changing homes can take an emotional toll on a person, making things even more difficult for you. But it is not the end of the world, and if you take one step at a time, you can handle it easily.

For starters, if you prepare a list of things to do with a clear head, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. A checklist can help you go through every step in detail, and you would not miss out on anything. Your list should include a timeline that helps you stick to a schedule that will not overwhelm you.

The Following Are Five Smart Tips To Make Your Move Easy And Quick:

Sort Out The Logistics

The first step to moving is to sort out all the logistics. Set a final moving date and the services you will need during this time. There are many loose ends that you need to tie before you move. Send notices for your mailing address, bills, and deliveries before you start packing so that you do not have to deal with these hassles later on. Once you sort that, check out the moving services you will need. Decide if hiring a truck will do or if you need residential movers. Call for information and service details, check the price, and book them for your final moving day. Once your logistics are in order, you will feel a weight lifting off. All you have to do then is to pack your belongings.


We cannot stress how important decluttering is. If you want the moving experience to be smooth, you will have to declutter your belongings. Sort out all unnecessary things you own and decide if you will donate them, recycle them, or discard them. The fewer belongings you have, the easier the process will be.

If you have to move the stuff to a long-distance location, it is not wise to move everything at once. Mishaps can happen, and fragile items can break. Instead, store the delicate and fragile items in storage units and only take the essentials with you. Once you have settled into your new place, you can take out your items from the storage facility.

Labels Your Boxes

It is vital to label your boxes correctly to avoid any confusion while unpacking.  Moreover, color coding your cartons for each room separately will be a big help. It will allow you to find things quickly and make unpacking so much easier. Apart from that, you can also set out themes such as toiletries, cutlery, vases, utensils, etc., to help you pack. Always pack delicate items with some cushioning. You can find moving supplies and thermocol sheets that can protect fragile objects. Another hack is to pack fragile items by wrapping them in blankets, towels, and clothes. Soft material provides them the support and protection they need.

Make An Essentials Box

You do not want to shift into your new home and start unpacking immediately. You will be tired from the move, and having to open tons of boxes to find everyday essentials can stress you out even more. Instead, pack a box with your daily essentials. Pack a few clothes, toiletries, hygiene products, and kitchen utensils that you will need immediately. That will avoid going through multiple boxes to find what you need. The essential toiletries will all be available in a separate box when you need them.

Do not Overstuff The Boxes

Most people try to use a few boxes and fill them up to the top. If the boxes become too heavy, they are more likely to break. But if you do not fill them appropriately, then your fragile items can break. Use as many boxes of different sizes. Your most heavy box should not be more than 50 pounds. That will ensure the safe transfer of containers to your new place.


Moving to a new place comes with mixed emotions. The moving stress takes over the joy of decorating the new home. The laborious task of organizing the existing stuff is a hectic job. What can benefit you the most is if you take help from your friends and family. Ask them to help you organize and manage. This way, you can focus on more critical tasks. Remember, the key to a successful move is to plan out everything and keep track of time.