Five Questions To Ask Your Heat Pump Installer

Five Questions To Ask Your Heat Pump Installer

If you want to live in a comfortable, temperature-controlled home all year round and save on energy bills, installing a heat pump is the best move you could make. Before you start thinking about your heat pump servicing Auckland regularly, you first need to ask your Auckland heat pump installer the following questions.

Question 1: Are They Certified?

Regardless of whether you’re installing a ducted, multi-split or single-split heat pump, – or even an air-to-air or geothermal heat pump – you need to ensure that the installer and technician for when you’re servicing it are certified and experienced to do the job. Heat pumps are costly appliances, which means that when you install one, you’re making an investment into your future home. They can save you money on your energy bills each month and provide many more benefits to your home, pocket, and carbon footprint. However, if incorrectly installed, you won’t see any of those advantages at all.

Before you have the system installed, make sure that you find the right service provider to do it. They should be qualified, trained and experienced, with the proper certification to do the job. You can request to see their certifications, as well as ask about their experience. You can also conduct your own research by looking for reviews online regarding their customer service, the quality of their heat pumps, and their installation and repair services. If you choose someone who isn’t certified, you’ll spend a lot of money undoing their mistakes.

Question 2: Are Their Technicians Licensed?

Sometimes, although the holding company might have certification which allows them to provide heat pump installations, services and repairs in Auckland, their employees might not. Remember, your service provider will hire electricians and technicians to perform these services for you, so you also need to make sure that the individuals performing the job are licensed as well.

Question 3: Do They Provide A Warranty?

With most appliances, you should receive a warranty. The longer the warranty is, the better. A warranty is in place to protect you, and your purchase, in case the heat pump breaks or malfunctions before the warranty is up. If you buy a high-end heat pump from a well-known brand, your warranty will be more extended than if you purchased a generic brand. If your heat pump installer does not provide a warranty, you’re better off looking for a new service provider.

In that scenario, it means a few things. One, their heat pump is poor quality and won’t work for long. Two, it means that your supplier does not want to take responsibility in the eventuality that your heat pump will stop working, and you won’t get any assistance from them when that happens. And three, it means that you won’t get your money’s worth when you buy it. Before having it installed, make sure to get a warranty for your heat pump – or you could be wasting your money.

Question 4: How Long Have They Been In Business?

An excellent sign for whether your heat pump installer is reliable or not is how long they’ve been in business. Although it’s not fair for those who are reputable but who’ve only been in operation for a year, you want to trust that they’re the best installer for you. After a few years, a heat pump installation and servicing company have experience and knowledge that they can use when they work with you. If they haven’t been in business for long, you can’t guarantee that they won’t cause you more problems down the line.

Question 5: Can They Provide References?

References provided by the installer you’re looking into can be tricky. The testimonials on their website could be fake, but they can’t fake a reference. Listen carefully to their answer when you ask for references. If they can’t provide one, it means that there are no good references to be found. They might not have a list available on hand, but they should know of previous, satisfied customers that they could refer you to at a later date.

If you receive some contact details for previous customers, ask about the service they received. Ask about cost, timeframe, customer service, installation, and about the heat pump unit itself. But remember, nothing beats an online review, so make sure to look into them.

There’s no such thing as being too picky, especially when you’re installing and servicing an expensive appliance like a heat pump. Use these questions to get more information on the reliability and credibility of your Auckland heat pump installer, repairs and servicing provider.