French Provincial Bathroom Design Ideas

French Provincial Bathroom Design Ideas

A French Provincial bathroom design scheme creates a romantic air of luxury in the home with its creative combination of classical materials, finishes and colour palettes along with elegant matching accessories. This stylish and timeless look can easily be achieved in your next bathroom renovation following just a few simple steps, from selecting the perfect tiles and bathroom fittings to finishing off the entire scheme with the right decorative touches, lighting options and accessories.

French Provincial Bathroom Tiles

There are many different types of bathroom tiles that will look right at home in a French Provincial styled bathroom, including glossy marble floor or wall tiles, warm white handmade ceramic tiles, as well as pastel coloured mosaic tiles or feature pieces that will create the perfect elegant touch in your new bathroom design. Porcelain wood-look tiles are another exciting option that can be included in a French Provincial styled bathroom, especially whitewashed timber varieties that will create a shabby chic style in the space. In comparison to natural timber, timber-look tiles provide you with a hard wearing, waterproof and incredibly low maintenance finish for your new bathroom, working especially well as a floor finish for a French Provincial styled interior.

Caption: A perfectly balanced colour palette for the modern French Provincial bathroom design, this layout includes soft patterned tiles paired with warm whites, grey, pastel pink toned feature tiles as well as matching marble finger tiles to create a wonderfully romantic aesthetic.

Pastel tones look right at home in this style of bathroom, exuding a soft and elegant vibe in the space while also assisting in creating warmth in the otherwise predominately white colour scheme that is normally a feature of the French Provincial style. Blush pinks, soft mints and even duck egg blues are all perfect options to consider, each working exceptionally well with the usual colours and finishes most often seen in a French Provincial styled bathroom.

Decorative Features Of A French Provincial Bathroom Design

The key to creating the perfect French Provincial bathroom design scheme is to include decorative and ornate features that will tie the whole look together. You may choose to include a decorative gilt frame mirror, traditionally styled feature cabinetry or an attractive tiled feature element using decorative wall tiles. Play with colour and pattern to create the perfect feature in your new bathroom design that will truly reflect your own personal style and design flair.

Feature wall tiles are an excellent place to start: from luscious and colourful mosaic tiles to ornately patterned wall tiles, you are sure to find that perfect fit for your new French Provincial styled bathroom! Pressed tin panels are often a standout feature in classically styled interiors; these panels can sometimes pose a concern in the high moisture environment of the bathroom however, leading to issues with rusting and gapping between the panels themselves and the wall. Powder coating your pressed tin panels can help safeguard them against moisture damage however, using a tile lookalike product instead will completely do away with any potential issues while stile offering that same romantic touch in your new bathroom design scheme.


Caption: Pressed tin panels provide a timeless and classic look in the home that instantly recalls the romance of times gone by. Ceramic tiles provide an incredibly low maintenance alternative to pressed tin panels being exceptionally simple to wipe clean with a damp cloth while also not requiring any form of sealing or painting.

French Provincial Accessories & Bathroom Fittings

Finally, finish off your new French Provincial bathroom design scheme with a range of perfectly coordinated bathroom fittings and accessories. Creating a traditionally styled space is simple thanks to modern bathroomware manufacturing that offers you the look and style of a traditional fitting using modern technology, effortlessly bringing period styled interiors to life. The example bellow uses a period style bath filler to perfectly recall the romance and traditional stylings of the past, creating a luxurious vibe in this bathroom design.


Caption: A modern take on the traditional French Provincial bathroom design scheme, this space uses luscious Carrara marble as a feature wall tile that perfectly ties the entire scheme together. The luxurious freestanding bathtub is complemented with a period style bath filler to create that perfect touch of class and elegance in this modern design.

Your lighting should also be carefully planned and selected to ensure the perfect design scheme that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and comfortable to use. A traditional French Provincial design scheme often uses ornate crystal chandeliers that can either be included as a large central light fitting to illuminate the entire room or as a decorative touch over your bathroom vanity or bathtub. You can also experiment with other types of feature lighting that will help bring the entire look to life: Wall sconces installed on either side of a decorative bathroom mirror will not only add to your overall style but will also create the perfectly functioning vanity as light is cast directly onto your face from the wall rather than from the ceiling. Once your new bathroom’s construction has been completed, include final touches such as soft pastel coloured bath mats and towels, vases filled with your favourite flowers, candles that will add a romantic touch to your bathing experience, and of course, functional and decorative vanity accessories such as marble or glass trays, tumblers and soap dispensers to create the perfect French Provincial style in your newly created bathroom.

A traditional French Provincial bathroom design scheme creates a romantic touch in the home. This scheme is personified by luxurious finishes such as marble and glass that are highlighted with metallic touches in your accessories and bathroom fittings which can be specifically selected in period styles to perfectly match your bathroom’s theme and create a timeless and elegant look. Using the right tiles, colours, fittings and finishes, you can create a perfectly balanced design scheme in your new French Provincial bathroom that is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come!