How Interior Designers Use Pottery to Elevate Home Décor?

How Interior Designers Use Pottery to Elevate Home Décor?

Pottery produces functional dinnerware and tableware as well as artistic décor pieces that can elevate your décor. Professional interior designers use these ceramic pieces regularly to decorate homes for their clients. But have you ever wondered how they do this? Well, these professionals are not only skilled in décor, but they are innovative enough to come up with unique décor that resonates with their client’s style and preference while complementing other features of a home at the same time.

That said, let’s see how interior designers use pottery to elevate décor.

Dinnerware Sets

If you have done fine dining before, you know how important high-quality ceramic dinnerware is. Apart from five-star restaurants, homes have also embraced fine dining as an art to make their house décor look amazing.

Therefore, consider hiring interior designers to gather these pottery pieces. Some get them from the shops while others get them from well-known pottery makers. Knowing pottery centers and shops such as Supper Club can help these professionals meet pottery experts who can make excellent pieces for their projects.

Flower Pots and Vases

Interior designers also use flower pots and vases to elevate décor. They could have a color theme but can also be collected from various places for diversity and uniqueness. Most of these professionals do not buy flower pots and vases from one source but assemble them from different sources to come up with a great décor.

How they are displayed in your home also matters. Today, flower vases are no longer just centerpieces on a table. They could be collected on shelves and other parts of a house. Flower pots may have live or artificial flowers and then get displayed at strategic places around the house.

How to Use Pottery to Elevate Your Decor

Ceramic Accessories

Have you ever used ceramic sweet bowls, toothbrush holders, pen holders, and other accessories? Apart from being useful pieces at home, they are also used by interior designers to elevate décor. They may also match the overall décor of a home or come in plain white colors.

Most interior designers collect these accessories from different gift shops and home appliances shops. Some might be made by known and popular pottery brands around the world. When they are assembled together thoughtfully, they definitely elevate décor in an incredible way.

Ceramic Gifts

Apart from the accessories we have mentioned, interior designers may also use small ceramic gifts and items shaped in various designs such as ornaments, animals, books, houses, and other home décor items to elevate your décor. This has to be in line with your style such as love for animals, religion and beliefs, culture, and the like.

It is important to work with your home interior designer to find the perfect collectibles to decorate your home. If these items are unique, beautiful, and significant to your style, they will definitely make amazing décor items.


As you can see, there are many ways for interior designers to use pottery to elevate home décor. Many people prefer to use professionals because they know where to buy or collect what they want to easily achieve their décor goals. They also save time and money for you, s, hire the best.