How Simple Crawl Space Repair Can Prevent Water Damage

Flooded crawl space after heavy rain is a common scenario in many houses, but then this situation is not normal and should be taken care off. If going by dictionary word the crawl space of a house is that part which is supposed to stay dry in all seasons, and if this is not the situation then it is for sure that there will be water damage for sure.

Water damage comes with many other issues, and they need to be taken care of as they damage not only the structure and foundation of the house but also pose ill-effects on health. It results in a toxic build-up of molds, infect the whole house, insects, and vermin start breeding in a wet and dark environment, and all this leads to many health issues. The long and heavy rains that lead to flooded crawl space cannot be avoided, but measures can be taken to prevent the crawl space to remain dry, the way it is supposed to be. Therefore the water in crawl space will not go away on its own, but it has to be removed if there is a situation of flooding in the crawl space.

Here are a few simple tips for crawl space repair to protect it from flooding and related water damage:

  • Divert rainwater away from foundation: Rainwater that pools around the foundation seep in the crawl space through the cracks and openings. The landscape around the perimeter of the house should be graded so that water naturally flows away rather than forming puddles that will get soaked in soil.
  • The rain gutters need to be clear: It is imperative to keep your rain gutters clear and without any obstacles so that the cascading overflow rainwater is discharged away from the house and does not pool around the house. The gutter downspouts should be long and clear.
  • Opt for foundation drain system: Carefully nestled in a gravel-filled trench around the perimeter of the foundation, a perforated pipe that catches water as it seeps in the soil and takes it away from the house in the farm, or garden or straight in the street is one of the best way to keep the crawl space dry.
  • Install crawl space sump pump: Heavy rains simply cause the groundwater table to rise in the crawl space it is a situation that results not due to leaking but due to increased levels of the underground water table. A sump pump can come to rescue in such a situation. All that is required to be done is that a basin needs to be embedded in the ground space with a sump pump. This sump pump works automatically as the groundwater enters the basin. The pump conveys water through a discharge line that usually terminates out in the backyard. Heavy rain may result in power cuts, and thus having a good sump pump with battery backup will be a better option.

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