How To Bring Interior Style Into Your Garden

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your character and taste, and choosing the right look is something that you probably spend a lot of time on. Yet,  www. Force Engineering when it comes to your garden, you probably don’t spend as much time thinking about how you can extend your personal style choices out into your garden space. Here are some tips on how you can bring your interior style into your garden.

Go Wild

Neat and manicured gardens aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The magic that comes with a wild garden is something that suits all ages and styles and gives a more relaxed and personal feel to the space. If you take pride in having a tidy and organised home, then a garden that takes a little less maintenance will look great in contrast. Add in some wildflower sections, and keep any bordering hedges or trees on the more natural side, not too neat and straight.

Be Minimalist

For a pared-down look, creating a minimalist style garden is easy. A great starting point is adding in a single tree. Its trunk will look very sculptural, with its crown acting as a frame and roof of the space surrounding it. Green is a very calming colour, so add green grasses and bushes around your seating area for relaxing space. Including some beautiful and elegant furniture pieces, such as wicker sofas or cane chairs, will echo the lines of your house and provide you with some comfortable seating to enjoy your garden.

Create a Mediterranean Look

If you have a dry garden, then why not consider creating a space inspired by a drier region of the world? A Mediterranean garden will instantly evoke thoughts of a warmer climate, and plants such as rosemary, thyme and lavender will provide scents to transport you there. Pair the plants with warm-coloured gravel and terracotta plant pots to add in some extra style.

Keep It Formal

A formal garden is the ideal style choice for those who prefer a traditional home, particularly if the space you have is symmetrical. Low, well-maintained hedges can create a myriad of interesting patterns on the ground. Maintained and controlled, a formal garden looks good all year round, and with seasonal variations in planting, you can celebrate all seasons with pots of spring bulbs or winter blooms.

Welcome to the Jungle

If you have young children, you may be tempted to keep your garden plain and simple because you don’t have time to care for it. By choosing garden plants with textures and large leaves, you can achieve a lush, tropical look. Bamboos, coarse grasses and rhododendrons will provide your garden with this effect. This style is easy to look after and maintain, provides your garden with some privacy and is great for giving children spaces and different textures to explore.